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Rescue One until there are Noneaadr2 AADR is a Non-Profit 
501(C3) that works
tirelessly with volunteers
to save homeless Dachshunds
and place them into loving forever

Mission Statement


2015 Calendar Sales are Open!

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AADR could really use  your help!  We have taken in a large number of dogs this
year from breeding/hoarding surrenders.  These dogs come with usually high medical
costs.  We are reaching out with a special YouCaring fundraiser to help us get all of these
dogs vetted and moved on to foster homes so they can get to their forever homes!  

Please click here for more info.
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Looking Back

Last year AADR placed over 250 dogs into homes!  What a successful year that was for us but most importantly, the dogs and their new forever homes!   One of the axioms that applies in business and so many other places is that without some failures, there can't be success.  The problem is that in animal rescue, failures aren't something that we just pick ourselves up and know that we can do better next time. In animal rescue, failure are represented by animals.  They are the animals that we couldn't take because we didn't have foster space.  They are the animals that no matter what we wanted to do for them, life had dealt them a hand that no veterinarian could redeal.  They are the animals that no matter how thorough our process, were placed into a home that wasn't a good fit for them.  

Many of the animals that come into our care have already experienced failure.  Some have been victimized by a culture of greed that confined them to small, unkempt cages where they were used to produce puppies for profit.  Some have been abandoned in shelters by owners who loved them as puppies but learned that cute cuddly puppies grow into dogs that need to be walked and fed and otherwise take up time from watching TV and having fun hanging out with people you can later find out you don't really like.

But Success -- what does it look like?  For J.K. Rowling, it meant after waiting on table and living off public assistance, she wrote one of the all time best selling series of books.  For Michael Jordan, it means being remembered not for the near 9,000 shots he missed in his career or the 26 times in his career where he was entrusted with the final shot to win the game only to miss.  For AADR, it means not giving up on the animals entrusted to our care.  So, like Rowling taking to the page or Jordan the court -- we have but one option.  Not looking back.  Not focusing on yesterday's failure but on tomorrows successes.  

Allow me to introduce three of tomorrow's successes to you today.  Otis, Tracker and Scooter#4 (now has an adopted home!). These three dogs have watched many others come and go on to their forever home success stories.  They have waited patiently while the young ones around them have moved on.  They are being well cared for and are comfortable, but they really need a home of their own.  They need a person who will love them and say those magic words, "you are mine" -- they so want to be yours!  AADR is going to take $50 off each animal's adoption fee and also is going to cover the cost of the HC to encourage someone to take that second look at these pups.  PLEASE NOTE:  If you should be looking for two dogs, Otis and Tracker came in from a home together.  We think they will be fine and are not being fostered together right now, but if you are looking for two, these guys would probably be more than happy to spend their lives together as well!  Contact us and we can work on an adoption fee that would be pair-friendly for these guys!!


Otis came from a kill shelter in Middle TN when his owners dumped him for reasons unknown. He came in with Tracker.  Otis arrived at the shelter with a death sentence.  He tested positive for heartworms.  Heartworms can be prevented by administering a pill monthly.  His previous owners didn't medicate him, and heartworm positive dogs stand little chance outside of rescues of making it out of the shelters alive.  Most shelters will not take on the expense of treating animals like Otis.  Besides it costing several hundred dollars, it requires a little precuation and isolation while the animal is undergoing treatment. Otis was treated for the heartworms!  The only lasting effects for Otis for the heartworms is he will need to be on Heartgard for a period (he will come with a six month supply), (heartworm prevention is required for any of our dogs but because of the importance for HW+ dogs, we provide the first six months free).  After that period of time and upon a clean heartworm test (this testing is recommended periodically for all dogs also) he can be transitioned to one of the other heartworm preventatives like Trifexis or Sentinel (or remain on Heartgard).  That is one success on his side, he has already beaten the odds  to survive and get in rescue.  Did you know that 64% of animals that enter a shelter each year are euthanized?  So Otis has already succeeded where many don't, but he needs a little more help for his next success--finding a forever home.  Can you help this guy find his forever home?  He is 8 years old, but don't let that fool you!  He is an experienced dog, none of that childish nonsense from him, unless it is wanting to cuddle up to his person.  



With his bud Otis, Tracker was left at a shelter by his previous family. Also like Otis, he was discovered in the shelter to be Heartworm positive - a potential death sentence for underfunded, over crowded shelters.  However, Tracker also beat the odds when AADR was contacted about these two guys and just couldn't leave them there.  

Tracker is a fun loving guy, loves strangers, kids and other dogs. He loves to play ball and will play fetch with you and bring it back, well most of the time! The way he acts it’s hard to believe he’s six, but that is what he was assessed to be, he could be a little younger, or just younger at heart like so many of us!

Tracker loves a lap and at night when things wind down, he’s ready to settle on your lap for a nice nap.  He would also love to share your bed but is just as happy sleeping in a doggie bed at night.

We can’t say enough good things about his attitude; he’s just a great guy!  Help him over this last hurdle to find his forever home.  While Tracker is doing excellent without Otis, if you should be interested in a pair, he and Otis got along great, but Tracker seems to get along with everybody!


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 !Congratulations to these Pups who got Furever Homes!

Bella11 Eden Ranger
Bella#11 Eden#2 Ranger  
Ruby#9 Sam#3 Tyrone
Ruby#9 Sam#3 Tyrone

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Sammy is the Barksdogfor AADR.  
You can see his story HERE.

Follow Sammy on   For the lastest AADR updates! 
And now we're on Twitter too!

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How can I help AADR?

All American Dachshund Rescue is expanding throughout the country and is in desperate need of help in each and every state except for CT, RI and MA(laws in those states will not let us have foster homes unless we are approved by the Dept. of Ag and their rules are too numerous to fulfill). If you would be interested in helping to save dachshund's lives, there are a number of ways you can help.

Fill out an Application to Become a Member

Fill out an Application to Become a Foster Parent

Fill out an Application to Adopt a Dachshund
Additional Information on the Adoption Process

View our Available Dachshunds

Sponsor a Dachshund - View our special need cases

Donate to help with ongoing and numerous expenses 

Transport Dachshunds to foster and forever homes

Help A Senior - Read the touching story of Sir Edward

**If you haven't yet, please consider requesting to be put on our mailing list.
We send out monthly emails to let our supporters know exactly what we are up to and the areas in which we need help most.
Email aadrwebmaster@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list!

Click HERE for our most recent Email Update.

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Pet My Wiener.com recently began a Tuesday Feature on their website called 
Rescue Tuesday!  Each Tuesday they feature a Rescue Dog and their first Feature
Dog was AADR's Bella7 (since Adopted!!)  This week (June 4, 2013) they are 
featuring Spark!

Also, PetMyWiener.com is proud to donate 5% of all sales to Dachshund Rescues
and other organizations helping underprivileged Dachshunds in need nationwide!  
What an awesome opportunity to highlight one of our pups to Dachshund lovers!  

See the feature
on Spark at:


"Spark gathering his toys and
getting ready for his forever home!"


Instead of Googling, GoodSearch!

Please set GoodSearch as your Home Page and help us raise funds by simply using it to search and shop! 

Looking For a Dachshund to Add to Your Family?  

We have dogs that are not yet listed on the website. If we don't currently have "your" special dog, consider filling out an application anyway. We will process your application so you will be pre-approved when your special dog does come in. This way, you won't have to wait when you see the dachshund you want and he or she will be in your home before you know it!
If you don't see any dachshunds in your exact location, don't let that discourage you! We have members and supporters all over the country who allow us to have a wonderful volunteer transport system. We will make our best effort to work with you on getting that special dachshund as close to you as possible!

Dachshund Surrender
If you've come to our site because you believe you must surrender your dachshund, please click here for more information about how we can help you.


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