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2/25/2024 3:31 PM
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AADR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer based organization.
We work tirelessly to save homeless Dachshunds and place them into loving, forever families.

2024 Updates
- AADR is now accepting applications from Canada.

Canadian adopters must come to the US borders to receive approved pet.
- AADR does not adopt out to the west coast.

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They really, really need you!
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2024_Featured Pets

2024 FP Photo_LadySimply irresistable! Who doesn’t love a frosty face?

Lady was dumped at a shelter in East Tennessee when her owner went into a nursing home and no one in the family would take her.

Lady does take a bit to warm up to strangers. She was scared to death when she came to us but after she had time to decompress, she became a happy, lovely girl. Lady loves sleeping in her fluffy calming bed but would prefer to be with you in your bed, of course.  She also loves to share the recliner for a nap or to catch the latest movie.  This little lady will even play a little if you have another small dog but mostly, she wants to keep your lap warm.  But first, you must give her time to learn that you are ok and she is safe.

Lady doesn’t like the rain or snow so a puppy pad would be best for those days when she cannot go outside.

Our must haves for this sweet girl are:  - A fenced in yard   - Someone home most of the time  
- Another adult, small dog for her to pal around with  - No apartments or high rises as she will bark at strange noises

If you think you want to give this sweet, beautiful girl her forever home, please fill out our online adoption application.  We will contact you after we call your vet. Read more about her and see additional photos by visiting Lady's pet page, here!

2024 FP Photo_BearAdd Bear to your heart and furry family. He's perfect for it!

Bear came to AADR from northern Georgia when he was surrendered by his owner. She was moving and had 5 dogs that she needed to rehome. 

He has only been in his foster home for a few days, and as with many foster dogs, Bear was at first very standoffish and timid. He is slowly coming out of his shell, and his foster dad can already see that he is an extremely sweet dog. Bear has gotten along quite well with the three canine residents, two females and a male. Cats are an unknown. He has shown no signs of aggression and is extremely well-behaved. He likes to burrow in his kennel with towels and blankets and has only had one accident in the house, which was on the first day he arrived.

Bear is just a tad bit on the chunky side and could stand to lose a pound or two. Overall, though, his health appears to be excellent. Having said that, it is recommended that if there are children in the house or visiting, they all need to be old enough to go easy and be gentle with him. So, no toddlers. Bear does need a companion pup because he gets very lonely if he's by himself.

If you are looking for an easy-going, sweet-natured senior dog, then look no further. Bear will fill the bill and then some!

Our must-haves for precious Mr. Bear include: - Someone who will help him maintain a healthy weight   - Someone who is home a lot 
-No apartments, high-rises, or any dwelling with shared walls  - A fenced yard  - Another pup to be his friend and keep him company

Read details and see additional photos by visiting Bear's personal pet page, here!
Florida or nearby st2024 FP Photo_Penny aka Willowate Adopter? This is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She let's nothing get her down!

This cutie pie is Penny... aka Willow.  A Good Samaritan in NC saved Willow from a dreadful life living 24/7 in a crate for the past 6 (out of 10) years!  "Willow is the sweetest little girl I have ever fostered!," says Willow's foster mom.  She is so happy to be out of that crate and exploring her new world.  Her favorite time of day is mealtime! That’s so understandable considering she came into rescue weighing only 5.5 lbs. due to rarely being fed.  She now is at her PERFECT weight ... 9.7 lbs.  Willow needs to stay a tiny girl (under 10 lbs.) to avoid extra pressure on her legs and back.  Willow’s front left leg has a bent bone so she avoids putting any weight on it, hence she happily hops around on 3 legs (see her video below) when not sleeping in any nearby doggie bed.

Willow has a significant cataract in her left eye, has limited hearing, and no teeth, but don’t feel sorry for her.  She doesn’t let anything get her down.  This girl is always upbeat and positive.  She gets along with the three other doxies in her foster home, rides beautifully in the car or stroller, and never meets a stranger.  Willow loves everyone!  AADR has found that a monthly shot of Librela for her arthritis and daily eye drops for her dry eyes have been a game changer.  She will need to continue both when adopted.  She recently had a dental with an oral fistula repaired and her last three teeth removed. BTW, all her bloodwork is great!  She is not a barker so could live in an apt, condo, or townhome.

Our MUST haves for Willow: - NO stairs unless you plan to always carry her up and down.
- Ramps are difficult for her.  She must be carried. - She can be an only dog or in a home with other small adult dogs.
- Medication maintenance   - A FL adopter or a nearby state.

Due to extra cartilage, Willow has the cutest “flying nun” ears that will cause you to smile every time she looks at you.  Willow’s foster mom, Meg, will be very picky looking for the perfect family to adopt Willow.  She deserves a WONDERFUL home for her future.  Will that be you? You will not regret adopting Willow. She is beyond precious!!! If you have any questions, please reach out to Meg by visiting Willow's Pet Page, here.

2024 FP Photo_CloverAdorable Clover is a sweet boy who just needs a quiet, loving and care-giving home.

He was surrendered to us by a family that could no longer care for him. Clover had successful back surgery two years ago, and for that reason, he should never be allowed to jump on or off furniture or do any steps. Also, his weight must be maintained to prevent him from having back issues again. Please do not let this scare you. As with many dogs with previous back injuries, you will just have to be more careful. (You should always be careful with a Dachshund’s long back, even those with no history of spinal issues).

Clover has a very calm demeanor and would be great with another small dog who also wants to lead the laidback lifestyle.

Our must-haves for adorable Clover include: - A fenced yard  - Another small adult to senior dog to pal around with  - Someone who can be home more often than not would be great
- A home with no stairs or only a couple going out to the attached fenced area  - No apartments, high-rises, condos, or duplexes

Please don’t let the back surgery scare you; he’s a sweet boy who needs you! See additional photos and details on Clover's Pet Page, here!

2024 FP Photo_Obie and BellTogether, they found comfort in each other - now all they need is YOU! 

Bell came from Tennessee, severely abused and unsocialized. Obie came from Arkansas, where he was abused but rescued by a Good Samaritan. When Obie arrived, he had no clue how to play, but Bell has gently taught him how to wrestle and play with her. They will run through the house or play in the yard together. It took a while as they both had to wrestle with their "internal demons", but through the process they bonded, and we, the rescue cannot break that up.

While they both have been waiting months for the right home to come along, we know that we may have to wait longer for the right home to adopt them together.

Bell will need time to trust her new owners, and Obie will need time to get familiar with the layout of the home and yard. And this little team will do it together! They sleep in the primary bedroom at night together in a doggie bed, never asking to come up on the big bed. When we must leave, they go into their own crates, which are located side by side.

We know this won’t be an easy adoption for anyone to take, but they are a true “rescue story.” Are you up to this incredibly rewarding challenge? You must have patience and know that in time, they will be the cherished pets they were always meant to be.

Our must-haves for his dynamic duo include:
- A fenced yard   - Someone who is home a lot or works from home    - A truly patient person or family (no small children)  - Not a first-time owner, must be an experienced dachshund owner     - No apartments, condos, duplexes, or high-rises

Please see additional photos and read more about this amazing bonded pair by visiting their pet page, here!

 We have Dachshunds at our Halfway House not yet listed on this site:
Some of our rescued dogs just aren't ready for adoption yet, usually due to the need for

care of medical attention. If we don't currently have "your" special dog consider filling out
an applicaton anyway. We will process your application so you will be
pre-approved when your special dog does come in. 
This way, you won't have to wait when you see the dachshund you want and he or she
will be in your home before you know it! If you don't see any dachshunds in your
exact location, don't let that discourage you! We have members and supporter all over
the country which allows us to have a wonderful volunteer transport system. We will make
our best effort to work with you on getting that special dachshund as close to you as possible!


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