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12/2/2023 11:06 PM
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AADR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer based organization.
We work tirelessly to save homeless Dachshunds and place them into loving, forever families.

September 2023 Update:
AADR now accepts applications from Canada.Canadian adopters must come to the US borders to receive approved pet.

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Featured Pets Banner

2023 FP Banner_Zana
2023 FP Photo_Zana 2Zana is a very sweet girl! She lived with her owner, who wasbedridden for ten years of Zana's 13 years. Her mom, whom Zana had laid in bed with, passed away, and the daughter took her in. She had her for a year, but now Zana and the toddler in the family don't get along, so Zana had to be surrendered to us to find her final home. Could that be you?

This little girl is so sweet, and she looked so confused when she first came to us. She is ready for a new home now, and we want her to have the right one. She would prefer a home with another young small dog for her to pal around with when you are gone and no children in the home who are under ten years.

Zana is overweight, but we are working to get the weight off. During a dental, she lost the rest of her teeth except the two bottom teeth. She will need softened Metabolic until she loses weight, and then she can go to softened regular kibble small bites.

Please don't let her age stop you as she is very healthy. She does need someone willing to walk her and who also has a fenced yard. She’s always been in a home with a yard.

No apartments, high-rises, or condos. She could bark at noises, and then complaints would happen, and she’d be returned to us. We want everyone to be happy and for Zana to have the forever home she so deserves! 

Please fill out an Adoption Application, read additional details about Zana and see more pictures on her personal pet page, here!
2023 FP Banner_Bell
2023 FP Photo_2 BellBell came into rescue very pregnant, and had her babies 5 days after arriving. Bell was terrified, but after her babies were born, she settled in and learned to trust her foster mom. We think she had been abused in the past and passed around from one temporary living situation to another.

Once you gain her trust, Bell is the most loving dog you’ll ever meet, but you have to earn that trust. It does not happen overnight. The foster mom just took her time, giving Bell space and letting her know that she was safe.

Our must-haves for sweet Bell include:
- A fenced yard and maybe a doggie door
- Another small, young dog to keep her company when you need to be away
- Someone with patience and experience with an unsocialized dog who has possibly been abused
- No apartments, high-rises, condos, or duplexes 

If you meet these “must-haves” or want more info on Bell, please email her foster mom. She will be happy to let you know more about this sweet girl who needs that loving forever home. Read more about her and see additional photos, here, on Bell's Pet Page! 

2023 FP Banner_George

2023 FP Photo_GeorgeAre you looking for the perfect dog? Well, you just found him! We think George is a Dachshund-Lab mix, and everyone LOVES George... he is laid-back, happy, and gets along with all the dogs in the foster home. George came from Illinois when his owner passed away, and none of the family could take him. We saw something in George and said yes, we’d take him, and boy are we glad we did. Talk about a perfect dog that is him!

Our must-haves for awesome George include:

  • A fenced yard
  • Another small adult dog to keep him company if you are gone during the day
  • Someone who can be home or is newly retired as he loves people
  • No apartments, condos, or high-rises (no shared walls)

If you meet all these requirements and are interested in adopting this sweet boy, then please go to his personal Pet Page to apply here.



2023 FP Banner_Obie2023 FP Photo_ObieObie has a sad story to tell but it is going to have a happy ending with YOU. He was given to a good Samaritan when she saw he was on a Shock Collar and his neck was all bloody. She just could not leave him with that family. She took him home but he did not get along with her two males and did not like Chickens or Cats. So, she asked us to take him.

Talk about SWEET!!! He is loving and friendly to people and you can just tell he wants to be held and cherished and that is where YOU come in. He will follow you everywhere by sound and smell just not sight. It was confirmed by our vet that he is blind but do not feel sorry for him! He's not sorry - it’s the only thing he’s known. But please turn his story into a happy one!

Obie's must haves:
- A fenced in yard is a must
- Someone home quite a bit as he loves his people but will patiently wait for you to get home
- A small male or female companion dog who is calm and laidback
- Blind dog experience is preferred and the best for him
- No apartments, high rises or condos(anything with shared walls)
- No stairs or stairs that are blocked off(meaning no bi or tri level homes)

He’s waiting please don’t make him wait too long, you will not regret it. Everyone that meets him knows how sweet he is. Also if you are not within driving distance we will help with transport. His Halo will go with him to his new home to use when he’s in strange places, we hate to see him run into things.

If you have experience with disabled pets, or want to commit to learning, then please read more about Obie, see additional photos and fill out an adoption application here on his personal Pet Page!

2023 FP Banner_Kimber2023 FP Banner_KimberIf you are looking for the sweetest of sweet dogs then you have found her!  Everyone that meets Kimber says the same thing, how incredibly sweet she is.  Now we know she’s not all dachshund but she has “Dachshund ways about her.”  She is treat motivated and loves attention.  This little lady has that cute wiggle butt.  What more could you want from a Dachshund mix?

Kimber came to us from Cullman AL where she was picked up as a stray.  After 10 days, they contacted us to take her.  We are so glad we did!  

Our must haves for her are:
- Fenced in yard
- Another dog that is young for her to play with, she loves doing zoomies
- Someone that will love her and let her sleep in the big bed
- Sorry no apartments, condos, high rises or duplexes 
- A plus would be if you worked from home

If you’ve been thinking about getting another dog for your family but are afraid of back issues with a pure-bred Dachshund, then Kimber would be the perfect family member. Make her yours before someone else does! See additional photos and more information about Kimber by visiting her Pet Page, here!

2022 Happy Holidays
We have Dachshunds at our Halfway House not yet listed on this site:
Some of rescued dogs just aren't ready, usually due to the need or care of medical attention.
If we don't currently have "your" special dog, consider filling out an application anyway.
We will process your application so you will be pre-approved when your special dog does come in.
This way, you won't have to wait when you see the dachshund you want and he or she will be in your home before you know it!
 If you don't see any dachshunds in your exact location, don't let that discourage you!
We have members and supporters all over the country who allow us to have a wonderful volunteer transport system.
We will make our best effort to work with you on getting that special dachshund as close to you as possible!


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