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AADR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer based organization.
We work tirelessly to save homeless Dachshunds and place them into loving, forever families.

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Warm thank you to everyone who contributed to the preparation of our 2023 Calendar.
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Featured Pets Banner

The dogs below are hoping they will be in their forever homes soon! 
Thanks for considering them for your forever friend! 
  (Click on the name banner or photo to see more info and to apply!) 

2022 FP_Sawyer Banner

2022 FP_Sawyer Photo 2

Sawyer would make a great agility dog. He's smart, food motivated, and could pick up on hand signals quickly. If you're looking for an agility dog this is your man!!

Sawyer came from South Carolina when he was surrendered to us because the owner had gotten him to be a companion for their dog, and unfortunately, their dog picked on Sawyer so it was best to re-home him.

This little guy is a hoot; all he wants to do is play, play, and play! But, his foster mom doesn't have any dogs that want to play with him, so he has to play by himself with toys or sleep on his foster mom's lap, but he sure is getting bored. But right now, we know he's just a sweet puppy looking for a family to love him because he has a lot of love to give!

If you do not have experience with a deaf dog, please consider scrolling past him. Deaf dogs require patience and possibly someone to teach them sign language and visual cues. 

Our must-haves for sweet Sawyer include:

  • Someone who has experience with deaf dogs is preferred
  • Another small, young dog for him to play with
  • No apartments, condos, or high-rises
  • A fenced yard that is attached to your home  is a must, he loves dragging his toys outside to play with in the yard
  • Someone who is home quite a bit as he does like to hang out with his humans too

Please read more about him and feel free to contact his foster mom for more details by visiting his personal pet page, here!

FP 2022_Jazz_Banner

FP 2022_Jazz_Photo

Jazz came from NC where she was dumped in a wooded area but lucky for her the property owner who was close by had a Great Dane who found Jazz and wrangled her up to the property owne'rs house. She kept Jazz until she got in touch with us for help. 

Jazz is deaf and she does not have full sight but gets around just fine. Sadly, we fully believe she was hit about the head - maybe to get her attention. But it's abuse none the less. For that reason, at least for now, she is hand-shy around her face. 

Don’t let her "disabilities" stop you from adopting her because she is as sweet as she can be and LOVES attention. She gets along with adult to senior small dogs but just not young hyper ones.

She is housebroken to a schedule and can be crated when not home but we’d prefer someone who is home a lot.

There is so much beneficial information available on training, communication and bonding with deaf dogs that aide in a happy and healthy life. It breaks our hearts to think someone had to hit her just because she was deaf, doesn’t it bother you?

Our must haves for her are:

  • A fenced in yard
  • Another adult small dog for her to pal with
  • No apartments, high rises or condos
  • Someone who is home more than gone
  • AADR prefers someone or a family who has experience with deaf dogs: Hand signals, body language, etc. Continued training for both you and Jazz will be necessary.

2022 FP Lucy FL Banner
2022 FP Lucy FL PhotoLucy was surrendered by her owners in Tennessee when they fell on hard
times and had to move in with relatives that would not let them bring her with them.

Lucy is a ball of energy who loves to play with her squeaky toys, play fetch and run after lizards. This girl walks well on a leash and lo

ves to be “out and about”. Lucy is completely housebroken and will bark when she needs to go out. She needs a fenced yard where she can explore and play with her sisters. 

Lucy came into rescue extremely overweight and was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome. With the proper medication, good weight management food and lots of exercise, she has gone from 27 to 16 pounds, a perfect weight for her. She will need to continue the medication for the rest of her life and takes it easily in a dab of peanut butter.

Lucy loves to be petted and have her ears scratched. She gets along well with my other dogs and is a sweet and loving dog. She runs and plays like a young dog and is a very happy little dog. This sweet girl will make someone a wonderful pet!

Our must-haves for adorable Lucy include:

  • A fenced yard
  • Someone who is home a lot or another dog to keep her company
  • No apartments, high-rises, or condos
  • Someone who is willing to help Lucy maintain a healthy weight
  • This sweet girl will make a wonderful pet! 
See more about Lucy on her personal Pet Page, here!

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Sammy is the Barksdog for AADR.
You can read his story HERE.

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Looking For a Dachshund to Add to Your Family?  

AADR has dogs who are not listed on this site yet! If we don't currently have "your" special dog, consider filling out an application anyway.
We will process your application so you will be pre-approved when your special dog does come in. This way, you won't have to wait when you
see the dachshund you want and he or she will be in your home before you know it!
If you don't see any dachshunds in your exact location, don't let that discourage you! We have members and supporters all over the
country who allow us to have a wonderful volunteer transport system.
We will make our best effort to work with you on getting that special dachshund as close to you as possible!

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