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AADR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer based organization.
We work tirelessly to save homeless Dachshunds and place them into loving, forever families.

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The dogs below are hoping they will be in their forever homes soon! 
Thanks for considering them for your forever friend! 
  (Click on the name banner or photo to see more info and to apply!) 

2022 FP Jemma Banner
2022 FP Jemma PhotoJemma’s owner had to surrender her because she didn’t get along with the other dog in the home. We promised the owner that we’d find her a great home.

Jemma is a wonderful dog and gets along with all the Dachshunds in the foster mom’s home! She is happy to sleep in a doggie bed or crate with the door open in the bedroom at night and doesn’t even ask to come up on the Big Bed. We don’t see her wanting to play with the other dogs, she’s just happy to lay in a dog bed or lap when you are relaxing.

Our must-haves for gorgeous Jemma include:
- A fenced yard
- Someone who can be home more often than not, but at least not let her be home alone for more than 6 hours
- No apartments, high-rises, or condos
- Another small dog to keep her company when you do have to be gone
- Someone who will have patience while she learns the routine, she’s very smart

Jemma was a little timid when she first came into rescue but she adjusted quickly. If you are looking for a sweet girl to add to your home, then consider Jemma. To see about Jemma, click here to be taken to her personal pet page!

2022 FP Sammy Banner

2022 FP Sammy Photo 2Sadly, Sammy came from an elderly owner in Alabama who could no longer care for him so the family contacted us and ask if we could find him a home. Sammy is shy at first but does warm up after a day.

He really only wants to be near his family member. He’ll sit on the couch with you and follow you room to room or outside in the fenced yard. He’ll sleep nicely beside your bed in a doggie bed but he’d love to be in the Big Bed with you.

Due to poor dental care from the previous owner, Sammy lost his two upper canines. They will need about 3-4 weeks to heal then he should be able to go back on hard food. He lost a total of 10 teeth on his dental. Sammy is a perfect weight and should be kept around 14 pounds, any more than that and he’ll be too heavy.

Let’s talk about his ears! He has too much cartilage in his ears so they stand at attention and it’s the cutest thing! They will be the subject of many conversations! And yes, he is a pure breed, his foster mom saw his mom and dad, both Dachshunds.

Our wish list for adorable Sammy includes:
- A fenced yard
- Another adult, small dog to be a companion for him when you aren’t home
- Someone who is home a lot as he does love his people
- No apartments, high-rises, or condos
- Someone who has the patience and understanding that he needs time to warm up and be less clingy

Sammy deserves a great home because he’s a GREAT dog! If you meet his requirements and are interested in giving Sammy his last forever home, please fill out an application for him and we’ll contact you asap. Go directly to his personal pet page, here!

2022 FP Scooter Banner

2022 FP Photo ScooterTo My Potential New Family, I have been with my foster parents now for a few weeks and wanted to give you an update.I have had several teeth pulled and will need to have small kibble food or soft food the rest of my life.  Also, for the health of my other teeth it is best I am on peri support which is just a dry powder you can add to my food.  It also freshens my breath.I have lost some weight and I am now at an ideal weight, so I also need to stay on a senior food. I found out that I have mild arthritis in my knees and some tenderness in my back so I need to never jump on furniture. I know how to use ramps. The vet says it is also a good thing for me to stay on a joint supplement.I am a very sweet boy who does love to eat.  I sleep all-night in my bed, and I go outside to potty.  I only bark when I want something. I am just a low maintenance dog, and my foster mom says I am a sweetheart.  I love my foster parents, but my dream is to have a forever home.  Is that you?Love, Scooter.

Who wouldn’t want a friendly senior citizen to join their pack? Scooter is friendly to both dogs and people. Just wags his tail! He came from a shelter in Alabama, so we aren’t sure how he ended up there, but their loss is your gain. You know there is no such thing as a stray, right?

Our must-haves for this sweet, sweet boy are:
- A fenced yard
- Another small adult or senior dog for him to buddy with
- Someone who won’t crate him when they leave only gate him in a room
- No apartments, condos, or high-rises

If you are looking for an older gentleman, then Scooter is the one for you! If you want a slower-paced guy but still one that likes to take a turn around your fenced yard, then he’s it. Scooter is as close to perfect as you’re going to get! Read more about him, see additional photos and get adoption application information, here!
2022 FP Journey Banner
2022 FP Journey Photo 2

Journey came from a home where he was not being well cared for and we agreed to take him. He has a flea allergy and has hair loss on his back end but we are treating it with medicated baths and antibiotics. For that reason, he won't be ready to go to his forever home just yet, but we wanted to get his sweet face out there so you can see him and hopefully want to adopt him.

We think he'd do best with another small, adult dog to keep him company if you have to leave. He loves to sleep in the bedroom with several of the other fosters and snoozes the night away in a doggy bed.

Our must-haves for adorable Journey include:
- A fenced yard- Someone newly retired or who is home a lot
- Another small, adult dog (male or female as he gets along with both)
- No apartments, high-rises, or condos since he could bark at shared walls
- He's interested in cats but we are not sure he'd chase them, probably only if they ran.

Journey is a super sweet Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, who really just wants to be loved by you. His fur loss treatment is going very well and we believe most, if not all, of his fur will grow back.

Please consider this little boy, you won't be sorry you did. 
If you think you might be interested in him please email his foster mom, she'll be happy to tell you all about this sweet, funny boy who loves squeaky toys! See more photos and get contact information, here!

2022 FP Banner Luna
2022 FP Photo Luna

Luna came from Florida as an owner surrender and is now looking for her forever home. Is that your home? Luna is very sweet but does take a minute to warm up to you. She has a high prey drive so no cats, birds, or rodents need apply!

Our must-haves for this very sweet girl include:
- A fenced yard
- A home without shared walls
- Someone who is home a lot as she does love her people
- Someone who will let her sleep in the Big Bed

Luna will play a little with toys or another adult dog around her age but for the most part, she likes to be either on the couch next to you or in her doggie bed.

She does like to bark at doorbells and big trucks going by so please beware that she will do that. But her sweetness more than makes up for that shortcoming. Don’t let this little girl slip through your fingers, apply now!

See more photos and details about Luna, and fill out an adoption application by visiting her pet page, here!

2022 FP Banner_Cody
2022 FP Photo CodyCody's  story is going to make you sad and angry at the same time. Cody came from Alabama when he was turned in by his elderly owners saying they could no longer care for him. We understand that, but what we can’t understand is why they put one of those Walmart harnesses on him when he was little and NEVER took it off!! Because of that, behind his front legs, you’ll see it’s indented and the fur is black since it was a black harness (you can see what we are referring to in the pictures on his pet page - link below). Why anyone would do that is beyond us... we don’t understand.

What we want for Cody is someone who will never do that to him again and to prevent him from being in that kind of harness, we are going to give the new owners two custom-made harnesses that won’t go behind his front legs and constrict him again.

Our must-haves for adorable Cody include:

  • A home where he’ll be an only dog and treated like a king
  • A fenced yard is preferred but he can go to a family that walks and potties on a leash because off leash he would be GONE!
  • Someone who either works from home or is newly retired
  • A home with no shared walls in case he decides to bark while you are away

Cody is a sweet, sweet dog, highly food motivated, and he loves to lay in a doggie bed. He doesn’t demand to be in the Big Bed but if you want to, he’s willing and able.

We just want him to forget his past and have nothing but sunny skies from here on out, can you help this boy out? Please read more about him and fill out an adoption application by visiting Cody's pet page, here!


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Sammy is the Barksdog for AADR.
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