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AADR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer based organization.
We work tirelessly to save homeless Dachshunds and place them into loving, forever families.

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The dogs below are hoping they will be in their forever home soon! 
Thanks for considering them for your forever friend!    
  (Click on the name banner or photo to see more info and to apply!)

Chance FP Banner
Chance FP Photo

Chance was tied to the owner’s porch and they went off to Florida. Neighbors stepped in and took her to the shelter and we were contacted to take her.

Chance sadly is blind with SARDS (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome). Do not let this stop you from adopting this sweet girl. She does not know she has a disability. She moves around the house and down the ramp to the back yard with ease. It just takes her a couple days to figure out “the lay of the land” and then she’s great.

Chance's wish list includes:
- A fenced yard so she can safely explore - No apartments
- Another dog to keep her company when you aren’t there
- Preferably someone that’s home a lot because she loves her humans

If you can look past her blindness and see the wonderful girl she is, then you need to put in an application right away because you won’t find a more perfect dog than Chance! See more photos and read more about Chance on her personal pet page here!


Sugar FP Banner
Sugar_FP Photo

Sugar came from a shelter in Northern Alabama, where she was taken when found as a stray. 

Our wish list for this beautiful girl includes:
- A fenced yard
- No apartments
- Another dog to cuddle and play with
- Someone who is home a lot because she loves people

Sugar lives up to her name as she is the sweetest little girl! 

She is hand-shy so someone had beaten her and we can’t figure out why because she’s so sweet, no trouble, and minds very well. So why?!

We and out vet are guessing what she is mixed with, but what we can tell you is she has a long body, loves to give kisses, and loves to be cuddled under a blanket. Now doesn’t that sound like a dachshund? 

Don’t worry about your side of the couch or when you are not in your chair because she’ll keep it warm for you but will kindly move when you ask her too. She also is happy to sleep on the couch at night so you can have the bed all to yourself.

She does have a bad right front leg that has nerve damage from some kind of traumatic accident or beating. We are going to do physical therapy and put her in a brace to see if that will help her to walk on it. If that is not successful (the specialist is not real hopeful), then we’ll have to amputate.  

We’ll keep her bio updated, but please don’t let that stop you from adopting her, she is so worth it and she gets along just fine not using it! See more photos and read more about her on Sugar's pet page here!

Amber FP Banner
Amber FP Photo

Amber came in with another dog as strays from East Tennessee.  Requirements for Miss Amber include:
- Must have a fenced yard
- No apartments
- Must have another dog to keep her company if you have to be out of the house

Amber is a sweet, friendly girl and just loves attention.  She loves to play some with the other younger foster dogs but she’s also ready to lay with her belly to the sun and snooze.  If you are looking for a laid-back little girl with a beautiful personality then you’ve found the right girl.  Please email foster dad for more info. Get contact info, read more about her, and see additional photos of Amber, here!



Bama FP PhotoBama came from Northern Alabama when the family could no longer care for him. 

Our wish list for this sweet boy includes:
- A fenced yard   
- No apartments
- Another adult dog to keep him company if you have to be gone
- Well-mannered children who respect a dog's space

If we had to describe Bama in one word, it would be “friendly”! 

He loves to meet people and will greet you with a tail wag. He does very well with other dogs but will bark if other dogs start the concert. 

He just had a dental and did not lose any teeth, and he’s at a perfect weight.

Bama loves lap time and cuddles on the couch but he’ll also follow you around the fenced yard. If you do not have a fenced yard please do not ask if we’ll make an exception, as we will not. Since his family gave him up we feel he deserves a lasting forever safe home. You can’t go wrong with Bama if you are looking to add a new dog to your pack! See more photos of Bama and fill out an adoption application on his pet page, here!

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Sammy is the Barksdog for AADR.
You can read his story HERE.

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Looking For a Dachshund to Add to Your Family?  

AADR has dogs who are not listed on this site yet! If we don't currently have "your" special dog, consider filling out an application anyway. We will process your application so you will be pre-approved when your special dog does come in. This way, you won't have to wait when you see the dachshund you want and he or she will be in your home before you know it!
If you don't see any dachshunds in your exact location, don't let that discourage you! We have members and supporters all over the country who allow us to have a wonderful volunteer transport system. We will make our best effort to work with you on getting that special dachshund as close to you as possible!

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