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Quincy number 3.....GA's Web Page

Dachshund (short coat)  : :  Male (neutered)  : :  Adult  : :  Small

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About Quincy number 3.....GA

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 2016-04-29-01
  • General Color: Red/Golden/Orange/Chestnut with Black
  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

CITY, STATE:   Nashville, TN

NAME:  Quincy #3

AGE:   3 yrs.

SEX:   Male

WEIGHT:  20 lbs.

COLOR:   Red w/black overlay

COAT:   Short



ADOPTION FEE:  $285 + $15 chip fee






HOME W/ OTHER DOGS:                       MALE:  yes     FEMALE:  yes

HOME W/ CATS:   Unknown

MICROCHIP #:     911 Pet Chip  #  911002001385993

MONTHLY HEARTWORM DATE:  30th of each month

FOSTER HOMEPam  luvmydogz@comcast.net

RESCUE #:  2016-04-29-01

BIO (updated  6/7/2016):

Wazzzup up folks? It’s me Quincy! I am all healed up and feeling G-R-E-A-T. I thought I’d tell you a little about myself since I’m feeling more confident and not as shy as I was a month ago.

I am one laid back Doxie. I am cool with chillaxing on the sofa or better yet the back porch.

How do you spell HANDSOME? Q-U-I-N-C-Y. Or you can call me “Q” or “Q-Boy” or “Hey Good Lookin’”.   FM said being a “standard” size I emphasize all the great looks of a Dachshund.

I absolutely LOVE to be outside. I love to lay and roll in the grass and run and bark and growl with my foster brother while we’re chasing a bird or squirrel. One of these days I’m gonna catch one of those rascals. You just wait and see. But I’m not crazy about rain and sometimes I’m startled by thunder and will bark but will settle very quickly.

I eat fast. But I like to eat, what can I say? Foster Mom has me using a bowl to slow me down and unfortunately it works. I will even sit and wait now till she puts my bowl down before I begin to eat. I no longer try to eat my foster brother and sister’s food before they are finished but that could be due to the fact that Foster Mom is always watching us with that eagle eye.

I love to ride in the car! Grab leash – WILL TRAVEL!

I like to go on walks and I’m a champ on the leash.

I’m told I give the most unbelievable kisses. When I kiss you, I will open my mouth like I’m going to bite you and it turns into the best slobbery kiss you ever had. Foster Mom kisses me just to see me do it. I always oblige if it’s going to make her happy.

Did I mention how much I like to go OUTSIDE? I MUST have a fenced yard so I can spend time outdoors. I really like to work on my suntan but would prefer you be with me out there so sometimes I may not stay long if I’m alone.

Stuffies. I just recently took a liking to stuffies. I like do de-stuff stuffies. Surely that fluffy stuff in a stuffy is supposed to come out, right?   What else could you possibly do with it?

And I get along great with the other dogs I live with. My foster sister is old and blind and she walks into me all the time or steps on me and I react by moving or just letting her go by. My foster brother is a mini who thinks he’s 6 foot tall and bosses me around a little bit but we have fun running together. I even let him lay on me!  

Sooooo… Am I cool or what? Just think… YOU could be my lucky family!    

Quincy’s Foster Mom here!  I usually let the foster write their own bio but this boy is too much of a gentleman to toot his own horn.  Quincy is the most beautiful standard doxie with a red coat with black overlay, very muscular, and an absolute joy to have around.  His manners are beyond impeccable and he has the personality to go along with them.  He came into my care the day after a neuter, two dewclaw removals and 8 tooth extractions and I actually expected him to be a little grumpy but NOT THIS BOY.  He is a very gentle soul with the softest mouth and touch and has never had an accident in the house.  He loves attention and to be loved on but doesn’t demand it.  He will give kisses if he gets a chance or if you so desire so if you like doxie kisses this is your guy.  He gets along wonderfully with his foster brother and sister even though his foster brother is a little pushy (I think only because Quincy allows him to get away with it).  He slept quietly all night in his crate but has moved into the bedroom on a soft bed next to the big bed and really enjoys couch time with me and the other dogs watching TV or a afternoon nap on the bed.  He really loves to be outside, roll in the grass and does enjoy chasing the birds and squirrels in the back yard so a fenced yard is a must.  The story is, he was surrendered by his previous owner for chasing livestock and I have no idea what kind of livestock, so maybe farm animals are not his cup of tea.  He loves to eat, will inhale his food, and wants to help the other dogs finish theirs but is not aggressive about it.  We are making great progress on this but until he can break this habit, he should probably be supervised during meal time if he lives with other pets.  He loves all kinds of fruit but so far his favorite is probably strawberry shortcake with a little vanilla ice cream on the side.  He is ever so gentle eating off of a fork, spoon or out of your hand.  Quincy is still very young and I think would enjoy a home with other dogs to romp and play with. 

Whoever takes this boy home will be an extremely lucky family!  He has all the great qualities one would want in one short package and is ready to go!  Is Quincy your guy?  

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=============== Information for All Dogs/Adopters ==============

If you have questions about this dog, please feel free to contact the foster home at the email address listed above.  They have the most up-to-date information concerning the dog and would be happy to answer any questions about the animal. 

We welcome out of state and Canadian adoptions, but we will not ship any dog via cargo. You will have to make arrangements to pick up the dog or for them to go by ground transport. If you choose transporting by either volunteers through our organization or by paid transporter, there will be an additional $45 fee added for the required Health Certificate. 

We will not adopt into the state of CT, RI, NH, ME or MA due to strict laws regarding importation of dogs into those states. If you have an issue with this, you need to take this up with your legislatures.

To understand the adoption process through AADR, please review the Adoption Information on our home page.  Transportation options are outlined on that page in Step 3.

If you are interested in adopting this Dachshund please review Read Before You Adopt and then you can complete an Application.


Please don't let the distance stand in your way of finding your newest best friend. We have volunteers that will help your "new friend" get up and down the East Coast. We just can't get them from one Coast to the other but some day we hope to have enough volunteers to do that as well.  For now, please look for dogs on your coast.


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Quincy number 3.....GA Quincy number 3.....GA Quincy number 3.....GA