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Max #1 and Bella #1 in IN (Bonded Pair)'s Web Page

Dachshund (short coat)  : :  Senior  : :  Small

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About Max #1 and Bella #1 in IN (Bonded Pair)

  • Microchipped: Yes
  • Declawed: No
  • Housetrained: Yes

CITY, STATE:  Fort Wayne, IN

NAME:  Max #1 and Bella #1 (Bonded Pair)

AGE:  Max - 11 yrs.    Bella - 5 yrs.

SEX:  Max - Male    Bella - Female

WEIGHT:  Max - 12 lbs.    Bella - 13 lbs.

COLOR:  Both are Red – Bella is lighter in color

COAT:  Both Smooth



ADOPTION FEE:  $400 for the pair + $30 Chip Fee

HOUSETRAINED:   Working on it – Pretty good using doggy door.



SPECIAL NEEDS:  Max gets Phenobarbital twice daily

HOME W/ SMALL CHILDREN:  No - children 12 years of age and older only

HOME W/ OTHER DOGS:           MALE:  Yes      FEMALE:  Yes


MICROCHIP #:   Max – Home Again 985-113000981910

                             Bella – Home Again 985113000982328 

MONTHLY HEARTWORM DATE:  26th of each month

FOSTER HOME:  Deanna, Decollinss@aol.com

RESCUE #:  Max 2017-04-14-02    Bella 2017-04-14-03

​BIO UPDATE 6/17/17:

Foster Mom here just checking in with everyone with some updated pics of Max and Bella along with a video.   Bella is quite calm in the video considering the circumstances!   It was meal time and she is usually just as excited (if not more so) as her brother Max.   I think she was just being a little camera shy.  

We have gotten Bella out on a few short walks, but no long ones with her brothers yet.   We have also gone on a few short Bye-Bye’s.  Max is totally fine with them.  Bella starts out just a little nervous, but then will settle down.  

We are looking for just the right family for these two.   A family who is calm and patient and willing to respect their little quirks and to love, love, love on them!   Quirks would be things such as not being picked up, needing ramps to furniture and being nervous on walks and car rides.   A fenced in yard is also a big plus.   They do use a doggy door, however, accidents will happen on occasion.  

Max and Bella are both very affectionate and deserve their last furever family!   Could that be you?

UPDATE 5/16/2017: 

Max and Bella have adjusted very well in our home and we are seeing more and more of their personalities shine through every day!  They really prefer to sleep in the big bed with their human, so if their new home will allow them, you can expect to wake up to lots of cuddles, tail wags and kisses!    

Max does not do steps, but he loves the ramp from the doggy door to outside, to the couch and to the big bed!  He struts up and down them like a little pro.  He also LOVES going for walks!  He is not very tall but can keep up well on about a half mile walk.  If he gets a little slow he will allow you to pick him up and carry him for a short time before he is ready to go again.  Max loves his sister very much and lets her boss him around except when it comes to his toys.  He is also a little shadow to his Foster Mom and always curious about what she is into!  His crate training was a breeze since he will do anything for his KONG and a soft blanket (but mostly his KONG).  He takes his pill in cheese like a champ twice a day with his meals.  Max may be a little older, but he will romp with his Sister as well as his Foster Brother a few times a day.  Then he is ready to be a couch potato with his human.  He is truly a sweet little man and a joy to foster!

Bella is an attention hound and does not mind butting in on anyone else to get her love and snuggle time.  She does not mind others being near, she just wants to make sure she gets in on some of the action.  Bella has not yet gone for a walk and it just may not be her cup of tea.  She sees how excited the boys get when we put their harnesses on, and she will let you put her harness on, but when it comes time to walk, she will run and hide.  We do not force her, she will come around when she is ready.  In the meantime, she has a ball nosing around the fenced in yard.  Bella is more reluctant to go in her crate but will do so without much fuss and she too loves her KONG.  She may be the younger of the two, but she is not super high energy and enjoys about the same level of activity as her brother.  You could not ask for a more precious cuddle bug!  She is a pleasure to foster!  

Max and Bella are a great little pair who are bound to bring smiles, laughter and happiness into most any home!   


This sweet pair found themselves in rescue when their owner passed away.  Both are lap dogs and Max will follow you everywhere!  Even with the age gap, they are obviously very close and love each other very much.  Neither likes being picked up, especially Max, but they will usually let you once they trust you.  This is one reason we are saying only homes with older children.  

Max loves toys and his KONG, but does not share well with others.  He is a sweet boy and gets along with the other dogs and cats in the home, but his toys are his to play with and no one else’s!  When he came to rescue, his paperwork showed he was on Phenobarbital for seizures, so he takes a small pill for that twice a day to help prevent them.

Bella is very submissive and lovable and plays very well with her big brother.  She also gets along well with the other dogs and cats in the home.  Whether it is time to get up in the morning or you are just getting home, these two will greet you with happy tail wags, butt wiggles, and even some romping of excitement with each other to celebrate their joy!  These two are guaranteed to make you smile several times a day with their adorable personalities!

If Max and Bella sound like a good fit for you and your pack, please go to allamericandachshundrescue.org to fill out and application and if you have any questions, please contact the Foster Home at Decollinss@aol.com .

More about Max #1 and Bella #1 in IN (Bonded Pair)

Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Older/Considerate Kids Only, Good with Adults


=============== Information for All Dogs/Adopters ==============

If you have questions about this dog, please feel free to contact the foster home at the email address listed above.  They have the most up-to-date information concerning the dog and would be happy to answer any questions about the animal. 

We welcome out of state and Canadian adoptions, but we will not ship any dog via cargo. You will have to make arrangements to pick up the dog or for them to go by ground transport. If you choose transporting by either volunteers through our organization or by paid transporter, there will be an additional $45 fee added for the required Health Certificate. 

We will not adopt into the state of CT, RI, NH, ME or MA due to strict laws regarding importation of dogs into those states. If you have an issue with this, you need to take this up with your legislatures.

To understand the adoption process through AADR, please review the Adoption Information on our home page.  Transportation options are outlined on that page in Step 3.

If you are interested in adopting this Dachshund please review Read Before You Adopt and then you can complete an Application.


Please don't let the distance stand in your way of finding your newest best friend. We have volunteers that will help your "new friend" get up and down the East Coast. We just can't get them from one Coast to the other but some day we hope to have enough volunteers to do that as well.  For now, please look for dogs on your coast.


Video of Max #1 and Bella #1 in IN (Bonded Pair):

Other Pictures of Max #1 and Bella #1 in IN (Bonded Pair) (click to see larger version):

Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair)
Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair)
Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair) Max #1 and Bella #1  in IN  (Bonded Pair)