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Rainbow Bridge

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Auggie - RIP August 2020

Auggie passed away on Thursday at the age of 17. We adopted him when he was 5 years old from our good, dog rescuing friends. He had been used as a breeding dog in a puppy mill and was surrendered to a kill shelter with his crate mate Gurdy. Together Auggie and Gurdy were rescued by the All American Dachshund Rescue and transported by loving volunteers to NH. Gurdy did not survive the transport.

Auggie arrived emaciated, infected with Giardia and had a mouth full of rotting, abscessing, teeth. The vet that preformed the dental said it was the worst case she had seen. Auggie was taken into a wonderful foster home where he was given love and the gentle touch of humans for the first time. We adopted Auggie on Valentine’s Day 2008. He joined our other Dachshund, Sampson.

It did not take long for Auggie to show himself as a very loving, playful, loyal and sweet companion. He had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to play fetch and tear apart “stuffies”. He slept in our bed at night and sat on our laps while we watched TV and he LOVED whipped cream. If you knew Auggie you might remember that he had his own unique “voice”.

When our daughters were born, he was gentle and sweet. He tolerated tail pulling and face poking. He was always happy to be with his family. When our older Dachshund passed 2 years ago, Auggie filled the void and we poured love into him. He lost his eyesight, hearing and sense of smell but remained an integral part of our family. He loved attention, any attention even if it meant he had to be Fancy Nancy’s horse.

Our house is so STILL without Auggie even though he never made much noise. We knew it was coming, yet it was still unexpected. It will take time, but we will make room for another dog in our family. He or she will be a rescue. Thank you for reading this and please consider adoption if you are looking for a pet, I am forever grateful that we did.

Sandy Siegel

Pepper - RIP August 2020

In early August, we said goodbye to little Pepper. Princess Pepper Pants was with us for only a few months, but we loved her a whole bunch. We adopted her from AADR (our second AADR senior) in March, and she came to us in Ottawa, Canada via transport one week before the Canada/USA border closed. Consequently, her nicknames became Pandemic Puppy and Covid Canine. She was tiny and very pretty, and she LOVED to eat. 

She was not, however, impressed with our snow. With help from our vet to manage her stiffness, she came to love walks and exploring the neighbourhood (in her winter coat, of course, until the summer arrived). Her favourite spot of all, though, was snuggled in her bed beside her people when they watched TV.

In late July, Pepper’s health took a turn for the worse, and we had to see her off. While her time with us was short, we remain thankful to AADR for sending her our way, and we hope we made her last few months extra special. -Christina Wood

Bailey Longo, RIP 8/12/2020

I was in love with Bailey immediately like I am with all of (my fosters) it seems, but her beauty was incredible. Probably more so as I never knew Dachshunds could be multi-colored like her. My limited knowledge of them were they were solid brown, red or the black and tan. Willie was my first dachshund I ever had owned and he was a gift given to me on Valentines Day in 2002. He was solid brown. So, yes, I knew very little about them as far as personality and any 'weiner' I had seen over the years that I noticed were the colors I mentioned above. Also, I never saw one except in a pic that was long haired. The first fosters we received were in that category of colors as well as short haired.

I then pick up Bailey to bring home to foster! She was a chubby girl, but a beauty! Her longhaired ears were so pretty and again her coloring amazed me. That spotted big tummy so cute! After about 2 weeks I realized it was not just her beauty that I loved, but her personality! She was for sure a diva girl and she wanted everyone to know that! Any human, as she was not a dog's dog, she believed was in her presence to see her and love on her. Bailey always continued to bark as her tail wagged non stop until she was acknowledged! Her barking would stop, but that tail wagged even faster.

Bailey loved life until the day she passed on. Minutes before being put to sleep she was still wagging her tail and barking. She loved life to the fullest and enjoyed everyday! I was blessed for 6 years to have her as a best friend. She loved to go in the car and in my bike basket. She made me laugh everyday with her diva personality. It was a shock to take her to the Dr. on July 23rd to be told she had inoperable liver cancer and probably would not make it to that Monday. I thought she ate something in the yard she shouldn't have and that was why she was mopey with little appetite. I felt guilty thinking I should have noticed sooner and brought her in to be treated. The vet at the clinic I took her to after seeing our vet as she had an ultrasound said Bailey did not want us to know she was ill. Most all dogs, she said, will hide their pain as all they want to do is make their owner happy. Her main concern was us, not herself. My vet called me the next day and suggested I put her down that day. I said no and I wanted to at least have the weekend with her, but if she started suffering I would call the emergency # and pay the extra cost if need be. We had 19 more awesome days with her and her with us.

Bailey was not suffering, but enjoying her days being spoiled even more if that was possible! The day before I took her in Bailey still wagging that tail and barking, however, I noticed she was moving slower and having more difficulty in breathing. That is when I knew it was time. When the vet gave Bailey the shot to relax her, she immediately fell asleep; her body was weak from the cancer obviously. Her tongue hung out and remained that way when she went on to rainbow bridge. Her cute personality still coming out to the end!

Bailey touched my heart and opened up my soul complete like all the fosters did, however, Bailey was extra special! I am a Dachshund nut, and will probably get another one, but I know for sure all and any dogs (& cats) I get will be rescues!!

As AADR knows, my first Dachshund, Willie, joined Bailey in crossing over to rainbow bridge on August 12th. We had Willie from the time he was 7 weeks old until he was 18 years, 8 months. Willie was almost totally blind and deaf due to his age and his back legs were crooked and weak. I know Willie and Bailey are now running around together.... Bailey looking for squirrels and lizards while Willie is looking for a ball as he loved chasing them.

- Helen Longo

Willie Longo, RIP 8/12/2020

My first Dachshund, Willie, joined Bailey in crossing over the rainbow bridge on August 12th. We had Willie from the time he was 7 weeks old until he was 18 years, 8 months. Willie was almost totally blind and deaf due to his age and his back legs were crooked and weak. I know Willie and Bailey are now running around together.... Bailey looking for squirrels and lizards while Willie is looking for a ball as he loved chasing them. - Helen Longo

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France

Gumby - RIP 8/7/2020

There once was a dog named Flap Jack who was so loved by his family, it took two dogs to replace him. This is a loving goodbye to one of those dogs.

When Flap Jack passed away several years ago, we were devasted especially since he was so young. Liz immediately looked to adopt another Dachshund and researched local rescue organizations. We learned we could not adopt locally since our Maryland home did not have a fenced-in yard. An organization in Tennessee would allow us to adopt and Liz started to scroll through pictures on its website. I had read an article in our local newspaper about a gentleman who rescued a dog who had been in the shelter for the longest time. I suggested to Liz we look to rescue an older “forgotten” dog. Again, night after night, Liz would look at dogs using her phone…older dogs less likely to find a “fur-ever” home. “How about this one?”, Liz would ask me. I was not ready to adopt so I would simply reply “no”. Suddenly, the magic happened. “This dog has no teeth?!?!” He was the one.

There was once was a dog named Kipper. One day he was dropped off at the All American Dachshund Rescue in Tennessee. His teeth (except molars) were extracted. Kipper could not have known his luck had just changed. (We watched a Dogtown episode about a Dachshund who had her teeth extracted…ever since…I am a sucker for dogs with no teeth.) Kipper was about to be rescued. After a vetting process, Kipper was ready to join our family. The rescue association was organizing a transport/convoy to deliver Kipper to Maryland but, I thought, Kipper had been through enough. Therefore, I drove to Tennessee and I was ready to meet Kipper the following morning in the parking lot of my hotel. The foster mom, a true angel, handed Kipper to me and she turned with tears in her eyes and told me she had already said her goodbye to Kipper. In a flash, she drove off as little Kipper panicked and whined for his foster mom. I tried to calm him with treats and attention, in time, he drifted off to sleep. I hoped our 10 hours or so in the car would bond us. (It did not work!) Eventually, we arrived at our former home in Monrovia, MD where Kipper met Liz. Love at first sight…. Kipper was renamed Gumby and he lived, truly, happily ever after. Gumby flourished with the love of an amazing woman, Liz.

During his senior/final years he was doted over by Liz and with acupuncture, laser therapy and a massage therapy. Perhaps his favorite time was being wrapped in the Washington Capitals blanket on the couch while we watched TV or, perhaps, waddling outside barking at anything and everything or, perhaps, licking his brother, Redd, over and over and over or, perhaps, taking a ride in the golf cart?

Gumby passed to the Rainbow Bridge on the morning of Friday, August 7th with hugs and kisses. Hopefully, he now has a full set of choppers, a healthy back, working back legs and his hearing. Goodbye, Gumby, you will be missed.

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