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1/22/2021 9:54 PM
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All American Dachshund Rescue

Photo Contest For Calendar Year 2021

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Helpful Hints

Basic photography rules apply when taking pictures of your pets. 

However, to further enhance your chances of landing the cover of our calendar, you should consider the following:

- Get your dog to look at the camera, preferably at eye level.
- Try to shoot in natural light instead of relying on your flash.
- Avoid heavily cluttered backgrounds; you want the focus to be your dog.

Beware of shooting in direct sunlight as it increases shadows.

If your pet is dark colored, take the photo in front of a lighter background.

If your pet is light colored, take the photo in front of a darker background.

You can better your chances of capturing a calendar spot if you take photos of your pet that represent different seasons.

Take your photo at high resolutions suitable for print.  

This means your photo has to be great quality, it will be blown up to fit an entire 
standard letter page.  We want it to be a crisp printing.  Here is a little example:

Here is a really nice photo:

(This photo is 1200 x 800)

If we tried to print this in our calendar, it would look like this:

To yield a good print quality, a submitted photo needs to be 2600 pixels wide by 1700 pixels tall.
This may sound complicated (it is slightly until you understand it).  A really good explanation of this can be found at this site.  
They do an excellent job of giving us all of the real tough things to know about image quality.

How do you determine if your image is high enough quality?  Here is a great photo that we all loved:

When you are looking at your photo on the computer, right click on the photo
and it should bring up a menu.  The bottom entry on the menu will be 'Properties', 
select that option. That should open up a pane to give you details about the photo.  

This shows the resolution is 904 x 603!  As awesome as this picture is, it will look a lot
like the horse photo if we try to print it full page.  Sadly, this doesn't do this great picture justice.  

If you are trying to take photos with your iPhone and submit them, don't give up hope!!  There is a way to get the best resolution from those pictures.  
See this article.  

Also, always try to capture images for the calendar in Landscape mode -- turn your camera sideways!

Remember, we are printing on 11 x 8, so if you take a picture in portrait mode, it will require cropping to not show black borders on the edges.
Capturing the image in landscape mode give us the best image to work with for printing.

Still confused?  Don't worry -- email me your picture and I will help you!  My goal is to get 
the best pictures on our calendar.  I can generally get you an answer very quick and then
you can submit the photos.  Email me questions at aadrwebmaster@gmail.com

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If you still need help please email our webmaster