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Update on the Madison 9!

12/31/12 New update!

A rescue of a hoarding case of dachshunds and

dachshund/bichon frise mixes

Madison 9

Update on the Madison 9, a hoarding case involving Dachshunds and Dachshund/Bichon Frise crosses.

Waldi, Valerie, Mary Jane and Ruben have been adopted!

Esmerelda and Axel Rose have been getting some extra training at Highland Canine Training Center, and there are updates!  (You can find out more about Highland on their facebook page)


They are all in foster homes and making progress!  Here are some recent pictures and updates from their foster moms!

Update: Dec 2012


 He has come so far since this initial report

Here is what Mozart's foster mom reports about him:

Mozart continues to progress slowly.  He knows his name and will come when called from playing in the yard.  He stills prefers to not to picked up but seems to resist a little less. We are trying to increase his exposure to people in various settings such as an office where there is frequent activity and that helps build his trust. Everyone loves this little boy when they see him.  There is something very sweet and loving about his face that we will bring out with time and patience.



update 12/12/12

Esmerelda has been getting some extra training at the Highland Training Center, and this is what her trainer writes us about her.

Likes toys, loves squeakers and fuzzy toys

Loves running in leaves and so many other things

Sleeps on your feet at night

Very curious about everything and wears a quizzical look,  she will watch for a while before warming up to a new person

Prefers small dogs and cats, doesn’t understand that charging at big dogs to meet them is not a “good decision”.

Not a fan of the bath but loves the towel and drying off/massage part

Very food motivated.

Loves having the top of her tail scratched

Here is what her foster mom has to say

"Esmeralda was very quiet when she arrived at our home less than 2 weeks ago.  Since then, she has become peppy, running all around the house.  She follows us from room to room but she stays just out of our reach.  If we bend down and stretch our arm out to her, she will back away just slightly out of our reach.  She does know where her food and treats come from, however.  And, she stays very close when we are in the kitchen.  She will take food from our hands; but she approaches us cautiously and gently but quickly grabs for the treat and then runs across the room.
 A couple of nights ago, my husband was feeding our dogs treats from the chair where he was sitting watching TV.  Esmeralda came up to the chair and stood on her hind legs to take the treat from his hands.  But, then she retreated.  She sleeps at the bottom of our bed every night.  Again, if we reach down toward her, she jumps off the bed.  We think she is making some progress.  She knows our dogs routines and she will now the couch with them to look out the window and bark.  They are all playing together.  She is full of energy and she is eating much better than she was the first couple of days we had her.  She now eats all of her food in the morning and at night and she loves treats.  She watches us closely and we talk to her a lot.  She will cock her little head like she is taking it all in.  We have just started working with her a bit, trying to get her to walk on a leash in the house before we take her outside.  She doesn't like it; but we are hoping it will become easier soon. "

We are hoping soon that Esmerelda will be available for adoption so her furever family can help her progress.

Axel Rose

Axel Rose has also been in training at Highland Canine Center (How different that must be from a hoarder home where no one pays any attention to you)

This is what his trainer has to say:



He is not for the first time dachshund owner.

He will need to have very clear boundaries.

Would probably do best as an only dog or with a very well balanced small dog. We have a terrier mix here that he lets “walk him around by the leash and Axel LOVES it!!  IT really depends on the other dog.

He is very athletic and needs exercise daily.

Axel will sleep on the bed and curl up near you.

Loves to play

This is what the foster mom has to say about this little rock star.

"Axel was one of the first dogs that came from our vets office to my foster home. To say he was wild is an understatement. We have him blocked off in our kitchen for 2 weeks hoping to be able to tame him, it helped but now 7 weeks later he is out and with the rest of the fosters but still has a long ways to go. He will come up and lay at our legs/feet in the recliners but won't come within 2 feet of our hands. We are at time able to scratch under his chin. We know he wants to be a pet but it's going to take time and time is what we have."

Axel is a work in progress and isn't ready to be adopted yet.


MaryJane (Adopted!!)

This is what her foster mom says about Mary Jane

Mary Jane is doing WONDERFUL in her foster home!  She came to her foster home with two puppies.  Her two puppies, Hope and Faith, have since been adopted.  Since her puppies left, Mary Jane has had time to come into her own.  She is still a little nervous about getting attention.  But she is getting used to it.  She is nervous about being picked up and cowers when you reach for her and but she doesn't stop you from picking her up. Once she is picked up and being held, she just loves getting kisses.  She follows her foster mom around all the time. She loves to lay her head on her foster grandma's chest.  She is a good snuggler and has become very close with her foster brother and sisters.  She loves to play and especially loves to run and have everyone else chase her.  She loves toys!  She loves attention!  We are working on kennel training.  She is fine in the kennel at night when it is time to go to bed but during the day she would rather be out and about.  But we are continuing to work on it.  BUT she is house trained!! Yes, you read right.  She is house trained!!  I think she would be great with older kids but not young children seeing as she is still a bit nervous.  She is ready for her new home though!  She is a sweet, sweet dog and deserves to be a loving companion for someone special that will treat her special. 


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