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2/23/2021 9:53 AM
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The Fancy Story (FOREVER HOME FOUND!!)

About two weeks before Thanksgiving, one of the AADR's member in Alabama received a phone call from Montevallo Animal Clinic.  The three vets there, Drs. Parker, Bamberg and Watkins, have vetted many AADR rescues and wanted to know if AADR could help Fancy.

She was brought into the clinic with a severely broken leg and the owners did not even know how the injury had occurred.  It was guessed that she had likely been struck by a car.  The doctors explained that Fancy would require surgery to repair the break or the leg would need to be amputated.  The family did not have the money to pay for the surgery and they did not want her leg amputated.  Fancy had belonged to their granddaughter who had moved away leaving Fancy with them.  It appeared that they were not giving Fancy the best care and she was probably living outside.  The family decided they would take her home with no treatment!

The doctors did not want to see this happen and asked the family if they would agree to surrender Fancy to them.  She was left in the care of the clinic and our mFancy - Castember was contacted to see if AADR could help.  The vets said they would amputate Fancy's leg at no cost if we would take her.  Fancy is just two years old, way too young to lose her leg unless it was absolutely necessary.  Dr. Parker was asked if the leg could be saved even though the fracture was a pretty severe one.  Dr. Parker indicated it could be surgically repaired with pins and he assisted Dr. Watkins who performed the surgery.  Fancy was spayed one day and then the surgery was done the following day to repair her leg.  

After one night at the clinic Fancy was whining asking to get out of the kennel and feeling much better...she was ready to go!  She was picked up by the AADR foster mom and has been recuperating and getting ready for her second chance at life.  She is currently seeking her forever home and is doing well. A
ll American Dachshund rescue saved Fancy's leg and that is wonderful.  Even better is the fact that AADR will helped Fancy find her forever home and a second chance with a loving family! She is just one of many saved this year by AADR but each one is special and is given what is needed..."saving one until none". Many thanks to t
he financial donors who make it possible for us to save dogs like Fancy!

Fancy's New Home recently contacted AADR.  This is what they had to say about Fancy, the latest addition to their family of AADR pups!

is adjusting to what I keep telling her is the geriatric ward haha.  She is a sweetheart full of energy. I am sending picture of her 2 brothers that were adopted from AADR also.  Fancy is  our 4th adoption from you. We lost Lady about a month ago she was about 15 years old she was our first adoption.  This is all three Lady is the Long hair Hansei is the red brown baby on the back and Henry is the smallest black and grey dapple up front."