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 These are older Happy Tails stories that Forever Home Updates!!

Greetings from Ellie's House
We (Buttons, Ellie, and I) went to my sister’s & brother-in-law’s house last Sunday for dinner and to celebrate Ellie’s 1st  birthday with her boy cousins Bert, and Ernie Butch.  Guess who forgot the camera.  My nephew, Mat, and his girlfriend, Tessa, were also there.  I’ll have to put her back in her “party” dress and take pictures to send.  Yes, we have dresses.  I was going to do that outside earlier this week but it’s been soooooooo hot, other than taking the girls out to go potty, I’ve been staying inside.  It’s cooled off some today, so I’ll try and remember to do it this evening. 

When we first got to my sister’s house, I was pleasantly surprised that Ellie wasn’t a bit afraid of boys.  She apparently remembered her previous visit the week before when she met Bert and Ernie Butch, and how much fun they had, so she wasn’t scared.  Yeah!

Ellie also met my nephew for the first time Sunday, and she kept flirting with him.  It was really cute.  She loves her Uncle Richy too.  She kind of ignored us girls when Rich and Mat were in the room.

Ellie has been doing great.  Her and Buttons are like two peas in a pod.  Ellie likes when Buttons chases her.  Ellie breaks my heart when I leave for work.  Before I leave, I take them out for a quick walk in case someone has to potty.  Then I put her and Buttons in their kennel and give them their treats.  Ellie cries and I feel so bad.  Most of the time I go back and give them another ½ of a Pup-Peroni stick.  She still cries, but I don’t feel as guilty because I gave them an extra treat.

As soon as I get home, we hit the trail for the first of our evening walks.  She walks on her leash with her little head held so high, and such a look of confidence all over her little face.  Of course, everyone in the neighborhood thinks she is an absolute doll.  We usually do a couple of more 20-30 min. walks in the evening before we all go to bed.

I’m in the process of getting my front yard fenced in.  The girls will have a blast out there.  Ellie loves to play fetch.  Additionally, she has made one end of the couch totally hers.  She all her favorite toys and chew bones buried under her blanks, and has a fit when Buttons tries to go down to that end of the couch.  She doesn’t growl at her, but glares at her and lets out the big “yap.”  Like I’m warning you.  She also steals Buttons’ chew bones and hides them with her stash too.  Thank God Buttons isn’t aggressive. 


When the alarm goes off in the morning, Ellie’s tongue wakes up and it’s kisses galore whether I want them or not.  If I cover my face, she gives me “wet willies” in my ears.  She is relentless.

Well, I had better get back to work for now.  I’ll try to remember to get the pictures taken tonight.


Mindy Has Been With Her Family For Almost A Year and Has Never Been Happier!

  Though it's almost impossible to photograph (she's quick!), one of the funniest things we see is when she gets Tristan to play; Mindy will start tearing around the house at a million mph and Tris will try to chase her, and they are just hysterical. (And loud! One wouldn't think two smallish dogs could make that much racket just by running, but these two do!)

Hope all is well!



Annie Is All Dressed Up To Celebrate Her New Family!


  My husband and daughter put ribbons around her neck (since she was my Christmas present) and then surprised me with the ring that was on her neck!  She is doing great but we are still having difficulty with house breaking due to the weather.  When the Christmas tree was up, she decided she would rather go under a tree in the house than a tree outside in the cold!

Next week she is going to have two baby teeth removed that don't seem to want to come out on their own.
Hope all is going well!



Lucy Is LOVED Forever


Lucy is very comfortable with us now and shes an absolute joy to have around shes veryy loving and loves to snuggle alot,and we just love her soo much.


Rusty Has Traveled the Country Looking For His Furever Family!
He is Finally Home!!

We had a great summer and are enjoying fall in NYC.  Rusty is doing very well!!  We love him so much!  He has been very busy!!  He loves to ride in his red travel bag and go everywhere with us.  We have been going to regular dachshund meet-ups in the park and he has met a lot of friends.  His best friend is my friend's dog Cairo (a year old boxer mix).  She is 3 times bigger but Rusty is the boss.  They love to play and chase each other (Rusty always ends up under her legs).  My sister came for a visit in August and we all went on a row boat ride in Central Park.  In September we took the train to the beach in Long Island for the day and Rusty loved it!!  But I think that his favorite past time is to sleep on the pillows on our bed (he is sleeping there now)!  We always find him there when we come home from work and he just looks so cute!!  Rusty dressed up for halloween as a honey bee...he was not crazy about the costume but we thought he looked really cute.  (Sascha told everyone he was a killer bee so he would sound tougher)!

Rusty has changed so much since we adopted him in March!!  He is so trusting now and friendly.  He no longer has problems meeting new people and never growls!  He still loves to go on long walks and he has made many friends on our block.  His favorite is Larry (the flower shop owner) across the street.  Every day on our lunch walk Rusty goes into Larry's store and says hello.  It is so sweet. 
We just feel so lucky that we found Rusty!!   Thank you for taking such good care of him and seeing his potential.  We are thinking of adopting another rescued dachshund in the future (I think Rusty would enjoy the company)!!  We could not be happier!!


Link Is So Thankful For His Loving Forever Home!

 Link is good.  He is still on medicine but he doesn't mind.  His leg bothers him occasionally but nothing like it did in the beginning. It took about six months before he could run and play without limping every day.   He learned the doggy door really quick and he tells us after he has gone outside to potty.  He loves to lay in the sun, lay on his pillow, lay on the couch, really he loves to lay anywhere!  He has gained 3 pounds in the last year and the Vet said he needs to stop now (ha,ha).  He is on a strict diet of canned food - seems as though he cannot digest dry food.  But he is really a good dog; I could not have picked a better fit. 

  Milo Has a New Home For the Holidays!




Lily Has All Her Dreams Come True!

  Lily is doing much better.  My neighbor works from home and is very helpful monitoring her whinning.  She says she is doing much better.  I have her on these herbal calming tablets from Petco and I think they help.  I know it just takes time to adjust but she is getting there!

 She has had a few accidents in the house - this morning most recently - but this is prone to happen.  I have been giving her training treats when she pees and poops outside to reinforce this.  At least it is on my hardwood floor and not my bed like she did twice in the past.

 I think we are almost there.  I love her SO MUCH!  She is the best thing.  I took her to a small dog play group last night at a doggie day care in my neighborhood and she had fun.  She likes to bark and wag her tail to get dogs to play with her.  The other owners get such a kick out of her.  She loves people and she goes up to all the dogs to say hello.  I am so thankful and lucky I got Lily.

 Below are two photos of Lily in her Halloween costume.  We went to a party on Sunday at the park by me.  We entered the costume contest but didn't win.  That's okay she was so good in her costume.



Oscar & Hank - Just Beginning Their Wonderful New Life!