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Dog Owner Resource ListingThis page is for resource listing for Dog owners
Listings are not endorsed by AADR but are provided solely to assist owners in 
gathering information for their companions!

Poison Around Our Pets!

Karen MacGregor, one of our Transport Coordinators and also a foster for AADR shared some important information we wanted to share with you.  With spring upon us (mostly...), we will start planting our flowers and tending our gardens and there could be dangers lurking there.  Karen has a neighbor that lost some lost some puppies when they encountered her peonies years ago. 

Karen asked us to share a resource with owners so that you can do a planning check and you may want to avoid potentially dangerous plants.  Especially if your pets are out in your planting areas. 

As Karen said, "Just to name a couple of things - azaleas, rhododendrons and Lillies of the valley are on the list. Of course I have Lillies of the valley in my backyard so I guess I’ll be getting rid of them! Crocuses are another - I have a couple that some birds dropped off years ago and they won’t grow any place that I plant them but they’re leaving too." 

Help Finding Apartments that accept Pets

     MyApartmentMap -- MyApartmentMap is an apartment search engine that allows users to find apartment listings all over the United States. Searchers can view pictures, maps, rental data, find deals, post rentals and contact property owners. MyApartmentMap also has specific search features for college students, pet owners, and military families.

     RentLingo -- RentLingo solves the frustrating rental process by not only aggregating information across major sites, but leveraging Facebook’s open graph to show users how they’re connected to the area, specific apartment complexes, and prospective roommates and sublets. While in Beta for less than two months, the site has seen thousands of users and hundreds of active Bay Area roommate profiles created. (allows for filter under the MORE option for dog and cat friendly)


    HotPads  -- The Map for Rentals, Foreclosures, Vacation Homes, Real Estate.  A site that does all of these things. The company boilerplate says "HotPads strives to build the most comprehensive, interactive marketplace of real estate and location-based services, presented with an innovative user interface and a memorable brand." It does a pretty good job living up to that hype."  Advanced filters allow for searching for pet friendly listings.


    Zillow  -- Zillow is a home and real estate marketplace dedicated to helping homeowners, home buyers, sellers, renters, real estate agents, mortgage professionals, landlords and property managers find and share vital information about homes, real estate, mortgages and home improvement. We are transforming the way consumers make home-related decisions and connect with professionals.  Advanced filters allow for searching for pet friendly listings.

    Zumper -- A free search platform for home and apartment rentals with over 500,000 active listings across the US.  They offer specific filters for animals on their site.

    ApartmentGuide.com -- has the largest inventory of multifamily apartments so users do not have to waste their valuable time looking elsewhere.  Listings update several times per day. The site has interactive maps, HD video, and a variety of other resources that make it an excellent resource.  (Click on More for a drop down that allows you to filter on Pets Allowed!)

    Trulia -- Trulia presents many different filters to help select important factors in finding an apartment that is animal friendly.  Once you select a locality for your search, simply click on All Filters and you can see the list of options such as small or large dog, other animal, commute time, etc.  A great resource for finding you and your furry friend an apartment.


Pet Insurance

    ConsumerAffairs pet insurance guide  --  The guide includes features of pet insurance, verified consumer and expert reviews and a "Find My Match" tool. 

     www.reviews.com/pet-insurance/ --  
Pet insurance can provide coverage for vet bills, behavior therapies and wellness programs. Unfortunately, pet insurance is often difficult to understand, and quality of coverage varies by company. So having a quick and accurate resource that compares different pet insurance companies on your website will provide valuable comparison information to protect their pets.

     365 Pet Insurance -- At 365 Pet Insurance, our mission is to be an impartial knowledgebase on all things Pet Insurance. Currently, only four percent of pet owners carry a pet insurance policy, and we seek to help pet owners understand the, at times, confusing landscape of pet insurance. We take a logical approach to policies, carriers and pet health in general, helping break down insurance jargon and allowing you to gain access to real customer insights and reviews so when you are picking a pet insurance policy, you can make the best decision.

Pet Food:

Dog Food Advisor Interested in finding out about the food you are purchasing for your pet?  Check this link.  As with most decisions about your pet health and care, be sure to discuss diet with your veterinarian professional.  Research is not doubting or mistrusting your vet, it is being an informed pet owner and care provider.  

Research has shown that the consumption of highly processed foods and low quality ingredients in dog food can lead to a variety of irreversible consequences, including obesity, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer.This is largely due to the fact that over 70% of dog owners have no idea what to look for when reading dog food labels. Dog nutrition and health is undoubtedly difficult to understand and it doesn’t help that dog food labels are designed for maximum marketing appeal which can be confusing to many pet owners. In order to clear up this confusion, Reviews.com teamed up with leading industry experts and dedicated hundreds of hours researching canine nutrition and the importance of quality ingredients. The end result is an in-depth analysis, backed by scientific research and expert knowledge, that clearly explains the importance of canine nutrition and details exactly what pet owners should and shouldn’t be feeding their dogs. The goal is to help all dog owners, including the members of your organization, make more informed decisions about their pet's nutrition when considering what to feed their dogs.


We research and rate the food quality, recalls, and company transparency of dog food brands and conduct independent lab tests. You might have guessed it - most bestselling brands scored shockingly low. Watchdog Labs is a free public resource to help pet owners, vets, and rescue organizations see which foods are bad and find healthier alternatives in their budget. No ads or no sponsorships - just an independent resource by and for people who care about animals.

We also offer free education for dog owners   watchdoglabs.com/learn  

Savvy Senior: How to ensure your pets are cared for  

This article provides some helpful information regarding some options for providing for your companion animals in the event something happens to you, their provider.

Click here to read the article.

IVDD -- Back Problems:

For Dachshunds with back problems, Dodgers List is the premier information point for advice and care!  

Dodgers list Mast

Dachshund Drag Bag  -- Resource for those dogs who have lost the use of their back legs.  A drag bag helps them get around.  

Dog Food/Supplies

     Free Shipping on Dog and Cat Food   

Dachshund Training:

Below are a list of Websites that contain some great information about care and training for Dachshunds!  We hope you will visit them.  Maybe even bookmark them for later reference!