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All American Dachshund Rescue's
Halfway House
From Dreams to Dachshunds

Halfway House
One of the major operations of AADR is being able to respond to Dachshunds in needs. Sometimes it is because a Doxie has shown up at a shelter, or maybe a Dachshund is in a dangerous home situation where their safety is not assured.  We don't have days or weeks to line up a foster home, time is something not on the Dachshund's side.  Maybe it is a hoarding situation or a breeder has finally agreed to relinquish the animals trapped in their hands...  All of these create emergencies where AADR needs to step in first and then sort out the dog's longer term options.

The Halfway House provides this respite for our dogs!  With a few runs available, we can ensure that Dachshunds needing our help won't be sitting in a shelter or even worse, a backyard breeder's unheated, unkempt shed.  Instead, we can step up and get the dog to safety.

The Halfway House won't change our core principles.  We will still be a home-foster based program where Dachshunds are placed in loving foster homes while they await an adopter.  It just provides us a way to move them into our care.  Care will be provided and they will get their initial vetting done.  Then when transport is arranged (normally only 7-10 days, they will be moved to a foster home -- so they are Halfway to their forever home.  
This is the Buiding that will house the Halfway House!!
Work underway to convert the horse stalls to runs!
Outside Runs
Working to set the poles for outside runs
Check out the new epoxy floor!!
Melissa and Diane getting ready to put runs inside!

Work Continues on the Inside!!

Please Excuse the mess, CONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS!!
The fencing is almost done for the kennels
(15 August)
Jim Working
Jim was reinstalling the wood for the stall fronts!
(15 August)
Sean Hanging fans
Sean was hanging fans for the stalls
(15 August)
Billie and Jim
Billie and Jim putting on top rails
(15 August)
Work on Halfway House Continues
25 August Progress
Inside Stained
Inside of Kennel Stained
Work on FRP Install
The FRP is going up!
FRP to Wood wall
This is the FRP on the bottom to the wood on
top with a seam!  
This will keep the wood from
having moisture in constant contact from cleaning
The outside runs are coming along!
Inside Table 
Modeling a table for us!
Inside Run with FRP up1
Inside Run with FRP up!
Gravel being Delivered!
Three runs done!
September 7 2015
Three Runs Completed!
Three Down only a few more left!
September 7 2015
Three down, a few more to go!
A few friends stopped by to check out the progress -- all the runs complete!!

Good View of the run!
Rowdy was on hand to give an enthusiastic tail wag!
The Pups are excited to have a place to hang out!!

The runs give the pups someplace to enjoy some shade and be outside!
 Fun in the Run
"Everybody, bolt for the door now!"