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Rainbow Bridge

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Charlie Floyd TIP
Charlie Floyd July 22, 2007 -- September 29, 2022 From the first day I met you (as Waldo) our hearts bonded, and you became my sweet Charlie. Through snuggles, play, and sitting in a sunny spot together, I now hold memories of 15 years of shared joy. I am grateful for your sweetness and your faithfulness. You have a place forever in the fabric of my heart. (Joan F) I was not sure what pictures to include, so you have your choice! I am also attaching the full Blessing for Charlie and a Closing Prayer for myself. I read these as I held Charlie and said goodbye to him. Blessings, Joan

Sadie RIP 10-3-22
It is part of the deal… you make when you bring them home. You do not get to keep them forever… it is a lease. With great love comes great pain, and that is what you sign up for. I know all that, but I am selfish and 13.5 years 12.5 spent with us… was not long enough. My angel was tired though , and it was her time… but I am selfish Melani Andres

Baby Love
With broken hearts: We would like them to live forever because it's too hard to let them go. Baby Love was adopted out 7 yrs ago and returned to us in July 2022, when the owners said they could no longer care for her medical needs. When we got her back we could see she had bad teeth from not being cared for and a nasty nasal infection. She was now 14 yrs old and either she mourned her owners or she was just tired that her quality of life was just not there. No joy, tail down and eyes sad. We always go by QUALITY not quantity, isn't that how we all want to live? After discussions with the vet it was decided that it was best to end her suffering so this morning Sept 15th we let her rest in peace. Love you Baby Love, RIP. -Diane

We had to help our little girl across rainbow bridge today. She had a very tough beginning having been in a hoarder/breeder situation. Only very few of the dogs there survived to be adopted but we were lucky that she did. When she was rescued she didn’t have a hair on her body and looked like a burn victim. It took about nine months before she was well enough for adoption. When We read her story we knew we had to adopt her. We drove to Nashville and brought her home. She shook the entire time. When we got home she huddled in the back of her crate and would not come out. Luckily we adopted a make doxie mix from a friend that day and they bonded for life. He would go and check on her and finally she came out. Her mate died a year ago this month and she followed him today. We are comforted in knowing they are together again. Thank you AADR for bringing us together.

Limo Warner, RIP 5/31/2022
It is with great sorrow I have to announce the passing of the love of my life. He passed very quietly and peacefully early this morning while being held lovingly in my arms. My heart is broken and I'll never be quite the same. He gave me great joy and took care of me for many, many, years. He taught me all his tricks; I didn't teach him. He was 18 years old, 3 months and 29 days old. It was my joy to take care of him the last few years when he needed me most. This, I willingly did with much joy and happiness. I wasn’t perfect, but I know I loved him so very much. As many already know, I put him above friends, family and myself. I would complete this task with honor and with no exception. I would do it again and again and hopefully better each of those times. My heart is both heavy and the tears still flow. There is already an empty space left behind in his absence. I love you and will always miss you my baby boy. Limo, Born February 2, 2004 - Died May 31, 2022. Until we meet again. Scott Warner

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