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Rainbow Bridge

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Jenny RIP
Jenny Rosenbach, born 8/14/10, deceased 1/8/21 We adopted Jenny, our sweet lady, from All American Dachshund Rescue on June 21, 2020. She became a member of our household at a time when the covid virus was ravishing our country. We formed an immediate bond with Jenny. She came to us very well trained & adjusted her behavior anytime she was told no. The only time she resisted direction was when she encountered a squirrel or a rabbit & her hunting instincts took over. She made friends with many of the neighboring dogs, particularly Trip & Duke, two young boys who loved cavorting with her on her early morning walks.She was very social, loving to personally greet all guests entering our home. We embrace memories of the girl who nudged our foot & sat on our toes demurely seeking a possible treat as we ate. We will miss the girl who sat with us as we relaxed before the TV & the Jenny who loved hunting for geckos on our lanai & attempted their demise with her few remaining teeth. She let us know when it was eating time by circling our pantry & staring at her bowl. When we took Jenny with us for overnight stays, she was a courteous guest charming our hosts in her quiet way. Jenny loved to eat & our first clue to her ill health was her sudden lack of appetite. Although Jenny was with us a short 1 ½ years, she has left us with innumerable warm memories. We deeply regret that we could not rescue her from the disease that stalked her during the last months of her life. The compassionate vets at Bright Star Animal Clinic tried very hard to treat her with a special diet, several strength inducing supplements & drugs. We were fortunate to enjoy her final days with us through the holiday season. Last Sunday, we spent the day holding & attempting to comfort her as her strength dramatically diminished.. We cherish the short time that Jenny was part of our lives & are very bereaved by her passing. Many thanks to AADR for bringing our sweet girl to us.

Coco RIP
Our failed foster, Coco, bravely crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday afternoon. As we mourn her loss, we are comforted knowing that Coco will be rejoining previously passed members of her adoptive pack. She taught us love, compassion, and the biggest life lesson of never judging a book by its cover. She was the friendliest and most kind-loving dog you would ever meet! She never met a stranger! She loved laying in the sun and being licked in the face by her doggie sister Stella. She loved and was loved on by her entire family.

Willie.... RIP
It is with a heavy heart we are writing that Willie crossed over to the rainbow bridge. We met Willie on Feb. 13, 2020, at the halfway house and knew immediately he was going to be the perfect fit for our family. Willie loved his momma, his sister, and his poppa, protecting his backyard from the neighbor dog, hiding under blankets, and going for car rides. He brought so much joy to everyone he met, including a group of neighbor kids who would come and visit him after school. Willie was only with us for a short time, but he gave a lifetime of love to all of us. He is with his brother Wally (another AADR alum) and lots of human and pet companions to keep him company until we all meet again. Your family loves you Willie and we are heartbroken you are gone. Until we meet again, eat all the different foods you want and run free, Willem Defoe. We will always love you.

Tootsie RIP November 2021
In loving memory of Tootsie. We miss you dearly. Love, Sandy, Brian, Cami and Corey

Julia aka Sofie Neveah RIP
Julie aka Sofie Neveah In 2019 I adopted this 7lb puppy mill rescue. This tiny fragile spirit was afraid of everything. Eventually came her emerging personality and she learned to love, trust, play and enjoy being a dog. One of Sofie’s favorite things to do was ride in her bike basket with her glasses on feeling the wind in her ears. Sofie had partial vision and over the years lost the rest of it along with her hearing. That didn’t stop my girl from living her best life. Sofie eventually developed sundowners and the vet felt possibly from dementia. At almost 16yo she eventually grew tired and I laid my baby girl to rest. Thank you for allowing Sofie to come home to me. She made my life a better place.

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