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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tales
Every one of these dachshunds has been rescued by an angel...

Harley's Brave Journey   Harley's Story is a great inspiration to AADR because it shows that no matter how desperate the situation, saving one life makes the ultimate difference. DeeAnn, Harley's foster mom, has included her personal account with Harley's amazing story and where he is now.Harley was found homeless and sick. He only had a 50% chance of survival. Now he is living a life of true happiness and contentment. Read More...

You can also read some of our older Happy Tails stories here

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He's doing great!!  He is beyond precious and I love him to pieces :-).  


ab's is fitting in very well adjusting to her new sisters and
brothers. what a nice little peanut she is.

attached are some pictures of her and some her siblings;




Ava is doing well.  My 2 males are getting along with her now, had a bit of a pecking order the first week. I'm just in love with our new furbaby. 

Angel number 12.....TN

I am so glad to have Angel join my family, she acts like she has always been with me and my pack.  I am so glad AADR stepped in a rescued this little girl.  I think she is enjoying being with my us,she loves to run the yard, sleeps next to one of my oldest dachshunds Spicey and she can't wait to eat.   Haha she loves to eat.  Thanks so much for letting me be Angel mom she will never be looking for another home.
Please attached pictures of my girl


Allegra was turned over to a shelter when she was no longer useful for breeding.  Her eyes were so  matted that it was feared she was blind.  She was scheduled to be put down when we were able to step in and be hope for this girl.  Her forever home sent us this collage!  Amazing what love can do. 

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