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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tales
Every one of these dachshunds has been rescued by an angel...

Harley's Brave Journey   Harley's Story is a great inspiration to AADR because it shows that no matter how desperate the situation, saving one life makes the ultimate difference. DeeAnn, Harley's foster mom, has included her personal account with Harley's amazing story and where he is now.Harley was found homeless and sick. He only had a 50% chance of survival. Now he is living a life of true happiness and contentment. Read More...

You can also read some of our older Happy Tails stories here

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Wrigley (formerly Kruger) is doing great. Knock on wood, I think we've mastered the house training and are moving on to better leash behavior. He lunges and barks at everyone that approaches when he's on leash, but I think we can get that issue solved with training. He is a sweetheart and is settling in with the neighbors and their dogs very well. Thanks for all you and All American Dachshund have done!


Kori (now Lulu) with her big sister Holly!  Nothing like having a big friend to snuggle with (and to watch out for squirrels from a higher view)!!

Kenzie #2...NJ

Kenzie is doing great, however we renamed her Sophie which she seems to have picked up right away! She is a cuddle bug and such a loving little girl, she is an absolute pleasure to have here with us. 

 I have attached some pictures of her and her new big (little in stature!) brother Charlie, who she adores! The feeling is quite mutual, they both seem to love each other and get along well. My husband and I do not have children yet so the dogs are our babies. We take them to dog festivals, we visit the local dog parks every weekend and they love their car rides! (I joke that when I die, I'd like to come back as my spoiled dogs!!)  :)  

Ps. my favorite picture is the two wiener dogs in the Wiener Mobile at the wiener fest two weekends ago! So precious 

Enjoy your day! :)


I took these pictures last night of  Kirby .  Wanted to forward them to you so you could see how well he doing.  He has come so far since the day we first got him as a foster and even since we adopted him.  He has become much more active and certainly learning what it's like to be a pet versus a prisoner in a puppy mill.  At the beginning of the week, we started him on a raw diet regiment and he absolutely loves it and his energy level, awareness and even appearance has improved drastically in such a short time.  I did a lot of research both online as well as talking with veterinarians about this diet before I started.  Wanted to make sure I knew as many facts as I possibly could before making the switch as well as switching him properly. 
Enjoy the pictures and feel free to use them any way you would like. 


Her new name is Maggie because I already have a Kate and Lilli. She has a cute little pink bone name tag with Maggie on the front and our address/phone # on the back!
She is doing well - she is following her sisters' lead and has had no accidents in the house since the second day. She also is barking now - last week she would howl if she wanted to go out but she barks now. She is eating well and loves to sit with Lilli and me in the evening. She really likes to sleep in the crate which I put out last Sunday and I leave the door open at all times [it's a very large, black crate that i have used in the past whenever anyone needed crate res]. She is still timid but also very funny...sometimes she takes a treat and eats it in the crate; other times she will eat it right in front of me! She has learned that she eats in the kitchen with Lilli and my Kate eats in the dining room [because she steals food - always has].
I have not started the leash training yet; my backyard is big enough for the girls and as it gets colder my girls do not like to be out walking except when the sun is out. So there is plenty of time for her to learn leash walking.

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