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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tales
Every one of these dachshunds has been rescued by an angel...

Harley's Brave Journey   Harley's Story is a great inspiration to AADR because it shows that no matter how desperate the situation, saving one life makes the ultimate difference. DeeAnn, Harley's foster mom, has included her personal account with Harley's amazing story and where he is now.Harley was found homeless and sick. He only had a 50% chance of survival. Now he is living a life of true happiness and contentment. Read More...

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Vanilla's forever home sent us this picture!  


Hi, Vida wanted me to send you this pic of her celebration wiggle wiggle because 1 year ago today she came home to her fur-ever family. We cannot thank you and all the folks at AADR for finding, saving, fostering, and transporting our little princess. Life is sooo much better with Vida in it. We love her and we love you. Until they all find homes, Karen, Jim & Vida


Valerie (now known as Emmy Lou and yes that is after Emmy Lou Harris as are all our doxie’s named after country music stars, lol) is just a little doll baby. Considering the issues most of the Madison 9 seemed to have, I feel like our little girl may have been one of the better adjusted. No mistake, she still has issues and we just take them one day at a time. When we first brought her home we couldn’t even catch her. That is still a challenge but she has advanced in so many other ways. She sleeps on her pillow by my head and during the night will even lay her chin on my head. She loves to sit in the lounge chair with me and her new sisters, Maggie our first rescue from AADR and Miley, another rescue from a litter of unwanted pups. All doxies and all girls. Emmy will sleep between my knees in the chair and also if I’m watching TV in bed. In the morning I always have play time before going to work and she wanted so bad to join in and I think accidentally got involved and now she loves it. I ruffle all three heads. While she only gets hers ruffled once and runs off barking and wagging her tail at least we get to touch her and let her know it’s love play. She is now showing a little jealousy when I’m kissing the other two and will bark and bark until I put my hand out and she will kiss me and let me rub under her chin and the sides of her face. Once we catch her she enjoys your kisses and will even go to sleep while I hold her but again she still is ready to leap down when you let up a little on your grip. All that said, I know she is happy and totally loves her sissy’s. Very good with them and plays and runs like crazy in the fenced yard. Tug of war is her favorite game. Wags her tail all of the time and has a cute little girl bark. I fully expect for her to be a perfect little pup soon. For all she went through and had to deal with I am very pleased with her progress. I don’t have any new pictures but will make some tomorrow and send to you to post. We are so grateful to AADR for the two beautiful, sweet little girls they rescued so we would have the perfect family.


Bellamy (Formerly Vixon) is a little ball of energy. She loves to chew on EVERYTHING! She is learning which items belong to her (and can be chewed on) and which items belong to mommy and cannot be chewed on (furniture, shoes, etc). She somehow removed her collar last night and chewed it in half! She’s a little Houdini. Bellamy loves Dodger, but sadly Dodger is a little scared of Bellamy. He is slowly warming up to her but still runs away and hides when she firsts comes in the room. She loves chasing him and trying to wrestle with him. Anyway, I just wanted to send a quick update so you could see how the little baby is growing up.

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