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Animal Success Stories

Happy Tales

Every one of these Dachshunds has been rescued by an angel...

Harley's Brave Journey   Harley's Story is a great inspiration to AADR because it shows that no matter how desperate the situation, saving one life makes the ultimate difference. DeeAnn, Harley's foster mom, has included her personal account with Harley's amazing story and where he is now.Harley was found homeless and sick. He only had a 50% chance of survival. Now he is living a life of true happiness and contentment. Read More...

You can also read some of our older Happy Tails stories here

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Bandit number 4.....IL

I just wanted to let you know that it's been a little over 2 months and he has really fit in and is doing extremely well. His aggression is almost non existent, maybe a growl to let me know not to touch his back when I pet him. It's always sore for some reason, but it doesn't stop him from running as fast as he can and climbing on the sofa like a cat. He loves the snow and the birds in the back yard. He's getting along with my other dog and has stopped fighting with him. I noticed this morning when he woke up for the day that he was really really happy, tail wagging, little bark and running back and forth in our bedroom, Trying to play with North. It just hit me that he's come a long way in just 2 months. He's accepting of love from me and friendship from North. He's a lot more house broken only going in the house once  in 3 weeks  and he did try to tell me so that ones my fault. Also they sit on the sofa with me and I massage Norths neck and he asks for the same so it's surprising how I can rub his neck and he enjoys it, after all that bad past, he may be moving away from that memory. (Which I think is huge). I call him Zee (not flee) and he responds to it much better then Bandit. So new house, new family, new city, new life, new name.


Bear number 7.....MS

Little Bear is doing great. We have not had any troubles at all. He has adjusted well.


He is just the sweetest, most wonderful little boy! He is happy and healthy, and so full of life. He was so scared when we picked him up, though. For the drive home, I put him in a small bed on my lap, but he immediately crawled under my arm, and just hid there. He was shaking for a while, but that did stop. He didn't move for 4 1/2 hours. We just talked to him and petted him the whole way home. When we finally got home, he perked up and was very curious about his new surroundings. We just let him take his time and explore. He is adjusting just beautifully. We couldn't have received a more perfect dog for us if we had custom-ordered him. My husband and I are so grateful to All American for assisting us with this. Don't know if you know the story, but we had lost our previous boy (who was also a rescue) to complications of old age. We were so heartbroken, but this little guy is certainly mending those broken hearts. This past weekend, he started doing the cutest, gosh darn thing . . . every night after dinner, we cuddle up on the couch to watch some TV before going to bed. He crawls right up on my chest and will just sit there looking at me while I pet him and talk to him. Then, he lays his head down and rolls over for some belly rubs which he, of course, gets

Bonnie Blue....TN

Update from alumni Bonnie Blue, here's what new mom Alyson has to say about this precious girl. Bonnie is doing great! She is happy and pampered. We go to the vet tomorrow to establish her as a patient. Thanks for checking in on us.

Benny number 3......AL

July 2015 Six months ago today Rusty (aka Benny) made the long trek from Missouri to Alabama. We just wanted to let everyone know Rusty is doing great. It didn't take long for his hand shyness and reluctance about men to dissipate after coming to live with us. He has brought us so much love and laughter – words cannot express. He has been the perfect addition to our family. We could not have asked for a better little fellow to share our life with and can’t imagine life without him. We are so thankful to AADR for all the work you do and for bringing this little man into our lives. Thank you to Kimberly for loving him and arranging transport...to Diane & others for taking him into rescue and fostering. Things Rusty likes: Snuggling with his people “Helping” Mom with the laundry Playing with his squeaky toy Food (almost anything edible) Chasing squirrels Spending time in the yard Sleeping in the big bed Things Rusty doesn’t like: Being alone Pickles Not getting his way Being in his crate Sharing attention Thunderstorms We love you Rusty!! You make our life complete! Sheila & Michael

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