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Happy Tales

Every one of these Dachshunds has been rescued by an angel...

Harley's Brave Journey   Harley's Story is a great inspiration to AADR because it shows that no matter how desperate the situation, saving one life makes the ultimate difference. DeeAnn, Harley's foster mom, has included her personal account with Harley's amazing story and where he is now.Harley was found homeless and sick. He only had a 50% chance of survival. Now he is living a life of true happiness and contentment. Read More...

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7/26/2018 -- Happy Gotcha Day to AADR alum Sadie! Eight years ago today sweet Sadie went to her forever home. You are looking so happy Sadie and we are sending many hugs your way!

Scooter number 5.....NJ

Here is an update from and AADR alum!!

I just wanted to give you an update on Max (doxie formally known as Scooter #5_NJ).

My husband and I are simply in love with him. He has the sweetest disposition – he’s friendly with everyone he meets.  He insists on meeting everyone! He’ll walks up to strangers, tail wagging, looking for a chance to say ‘hello’ and maybe get a pet. With family and friends he is so affectionate – giving snuggles and kisses to your hearts content. He’s even managed to win over Hailey, the resident beagle. She was a little put off when he first arrived, but now they’re best friends.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing him to us!

Here are some photos of Max enjoying his back yard and hanging with his girl Hailey.


Winford (formerly Socks) is doing great!! He's been working very hard on his house training and has only had a few accidents in the house. He and his big sister Abigail are starting to play more and more each day.

Sammy number 4.....OH

Sammy is now Frankie. He wasn't really responding to Sammy, so we decided that maybe a new life called for a new name...so Frankie it is! Frankie is an absolutely joy. He's such a good little boy. He is the best snuggler. When we sit down anywhere, he cannot get to us fast enough. He gets onto the couch or chair and scrambles to snuggle in right next to us  or on one of our laps. I have started calling him an "agressive snuggler." Nothing is going to keep him from getting cozy. The pic of him sleeping on my lap is one of my favorites. He's just so precious. He also really likes the blankie that my mother-in-law made for him (in one of the pics).

Frankie has really taken to both me and my husband Brad. He usually follows me all over the house, and if Brad is in his recliner Frankie wants to be on the chair too. It's so sweet. He and Gia, our Italian Greyhound, are getting along very well. One of the pictures I have attached is of them napping together during a visit to my parents' house a couple of weeks ago. This was only about a week after we first brought Frankie home, so we are so happy that they became comfortable with each other very quickly. Gia really needed a buddy, and Frankie is the perfect little brother.

Frankie fits perfectly into our family and he makes us smile every day. We are so happy that he is ours. 

Scooter number 5.....KS

Scooter is doing good.  Lizzie (the blonde doxie mix) and him are buddies now.  Having the typical potty issues in the house because when hes outside he wants to play with the cat instead of going to the bathroom.  We are working on that.  I have registered his chip and ordered him some steps to get on the couch with.  I also had a sweater custom made for him so he will stay warm outside and have made a ramp off the back porch so he  can get up and down with no problems.  He loves food so I'm trying to keep an eye on that.  He is quite the loveable little dog.  It's too bad I couldn't have got him when he was younger :)

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